Sick? Pregnant? Crazy?

I am in a state right now. About 2 weeks ago everyone had perfectly ordinary colds from which we recovered. Life resumed. A few days ago I was sitting upstairs with the family, I had a headache and hubbie asked me where I had gotten that rash on my face. The rash appeared out of nowhere, it looked like a rash not a blush, and then it disappeared pretty shortly after. That was a couple of days ago and possibly insignificant. I went to bed maybe it was that night or the next and I woke up with intense pain in my right knee. I struggled for a while to get the leg strait and then sat up in bed. I sat for a while before slowly getting up, testing if the knee was okay. Just as I was entering the bathroom I got hit with a wave of intense dizziness and nausea. I told hubbie and he asked if I was pregnant j/k. As weird as it sounds those were my symptoms when I got pregnant with my daughter. I woke up with intense pain in the knee, had to be carried to the bathroom, got dizzy and nauseous and then passed out. At that time I was also told that I had Hypothyroidism so I was never really sure which condition caused the bizarre symptoms. My thyroid fluctuates. Last time I had it checked a few months ago it was high but it hadn’t quite gotten to medication range. Anyhow the pain is now in both knees and in my mid/upper back. I have had the pain for about 3 days now. I started with meds yesterday for pain relief and it does help some but they only last about 3 hours. I take meds before bed but they wear off and I am unable to get back to sleep so I am exhausted. I am also peeing a lot. Like I need to get up 3 times a night and whenever I have peed this much in the past it has always meant I have an infection. I am not sure if I should go to the doctor or not. I don’t have a thermometer so I do not know if I have a fever, only that I am cold even when no one else is cold. Pregnancy is somewhat unlikely because I take birth control to stop my periods. The last time I was at the doctors she said my ovary had recently been active. I am having some trouble getting my ovaries to shut down and stay dormant so it is not impossible but it seems pretty unlikely given that I had a LEEP procedure recently and have continued taking birth control. Even if I got pregnant right before, wouldn’t the surgery have effected it? I have only recently been able to resume sexual activities so I think it would be too early to tell if I had just gotten pregnant and my ovaries do not seem to be working at the moment anyway. Since I don’t have a period I have no way to tell if I miss one. That said the thyroid sounds more plausible or maybe it is just some type of infection. When I had pneumonia I also had this level of pain in the body, only I do not have the lung/chest pain. I have noticed some cold symptoms today though so it may be that the pain is from an oncoming flu or that I never actually fully recovered from the first cold. Ugh I don’t know. Oh yeah and my breasts are full of cysts and hurt like hell because why not?


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    • Awww thank you so much. If it were only so simple but we have to go through Vårdcentral and they are extremely hard to convince. My mother in law has developed physical deformities in the legs and they still refuse to even allow her an X-ray. The system is pretty broken

      • OMG 😯
        It’s awful… I was sure that medical industry of former USSR countries is the worst… damn! It looks like the system is broken not only here. I wish you overcome your health problems as soon as possible! Please, take care, Yves!

      • There are problems everywhere. My daughter though receives excellent care, they are good with children and children receive free medical and dental. They even will pay the travel expenses including hotel stays if your child must be treated in another city. So at least I have that reassurance. If you are man though they just say suck it up, toughen up. As a woman I just feel they do not listen and brush off my concerns, they sent me home with 2 types of pneumonia once not even antibiotics and one of the types was bacterial. The Gynecologist I went to last did listen to me and my husband found me a good therapist though she is a specialist and expensive. Really the problem is with the doctors in Vårdcentral mostly. But have to go through those doctors for all referrals and so it is a major obstacle.

      • I am feeling a bit better hopefully on the mend. Turns out I have an ulcer which is why the stomach issues so I am watching my diet more carefully. I have had to stop taking pain killers. I am using a heating pad and hot showers also help. I am also eating lots of seaweed because that helps the thyroid. Also yoga and pilates

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