Video Game Madness

Have you ever had weird experience in a videogame? Supernatural? Comical? Downright frightening? What’s the scariest game you every played? How about the weirdest? I am not a big gamer myself but I do have a handful of games I enjoy. If you don’t have any stories but know where I can find weird preferably scary stories let me know.

Here are my weird experiences (the ones I recall at the moment) and they all sort of have to do with love, which makes us all crazy anyhow.


Baldur’s Gate 2 (possible patches can’t recall). Like with many old school RPGs it seems largely directed at a male audience. There are 3 possible love interests if you are a male character: Aerie, Jaheira, and Viconia. Viconia is by far my favorite. If you are female you only get 1 Anomen yuck! Now I have played all 4 romances but prefer to be a male character because Viconia is my favorite. Once when playing a male character Anomen started up his romantic dialogue! Now I am all for gay relationships but with Anomen whom I find creepy beyond all reasons no thanks!

The Stalker

Sims 2 (don’t remember which packages) I was attempting to start a family with a random game Sim (single Sim). So I focused all my energy on this one Sim. I didn’t have any other love interests and only a few acquaintances/weak friendships. I had invited the Sim over to my house for a date. While we were having dinner I noticed that there was another Sim lurking outside (they did not ring the doorbell) but they were peeping in the windows. I ignored the Sim and proceeded with my date. As soon as I initiated a romantic interaction the Sim from outside burst inside and attacked my character in what looked like the typical jealous rage. I have no idea why since I was not involved with this character and neither was my partner Sim (I checked).

Vagina of Doom

Sims 3 Anyone who has downloaded custom content for the Sims knows that things can get wonky. For example a child wearing adult clothes looks deformed/monstrous with like arms coming out of their face or something. Anyhow I created a female Sim with 2 toddlers. I did not play her but saved her in a house and then went on to create additional townies and finally a character that I wanted to play. I cut off aging but I don’t think I cut off the story-telling aspect which allows the Sims to have a life even if they are not being played. Months later I decided to play my female Sim only she had 3 more toddlers and since all of them had adult clothes on it looked like she had 3 monster children. When I checked her relationships to see who the father might be, she didn’t have any romantic interests. Aliens? As a note this is her because I put her on the exchange prior to the development of her mutant offspring

Here is what a toddler in adult clothes turns out like, so three of these creepy things

Other games I like Planescape Torment, Maniac Mansion (for Nintendo let me know if there are modern versions) Heroes of Might and Magic, The Diablo Series, Disc World and that is all I can currently remember.


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    • I know right? Some of those glitches are damn right scary. To see all those things crawling around on the floor and like how was she making babies by herself in the first place? I am not sure how they even got to that age group unless she was repeatedly adopting mutant toddlers which is kind of weird anyways for a game character.

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