Project “Walking Table”

I have been looking through photos and stumbled across a few of a table Sam was working on for fun. He tends to make very practical (albeit beautiful) items but this was something he wanted to try. I am not sure if he will finish it or not, he did meet with some problems (for example working with metal without the proper tools). It was his first attempt at a mechanical table. He made all the wooden gears and such, which was a pain in the ass haha. In normal furniture design he wouldn’t use screws, nails and such he would use joining. Right now his work space is the size of a very small closest (this isn’t the room), his work bench is falling apart, and because of size constraints he doesn’t have access to many tools.






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    • When we move he will have the garage all to himself, we will keep the car outside lol His work space now is such that I can only stand in one spot and I can’t move at all (that is only after fighting with stuff), it just isn’t enough space for projects like this one

      • Just imagine what he will be able to build with a whole garage all to himself. Hey — there maybe one of those popular in the US reality shows with Sam working on projects — just need a catchy title: Sam Saws or . . .
        Only kidding, I am glad that the house will give you each your space. And you will be able to move around Sam’s space as well.

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