Violet and Epiphany

snapshot (4)

This is just a drawing of the violet normally so I would have a base of comparison for the 4 remaining challenges. I realized while drawing this violet again that each time I look at it I notice something different. I am not very attentive apparently because some of the things I was missing were pretty fucking crucial to the flowers anatomy! I think this will improve my sense of direction because my lack of attention means that I constantly omit things from the environment including massive landmarks! While I am limited by my artistic ability in that even if I see it I can’t necessarily draw it I am learning a tremendous amount from this exercise.  I am still not good at seeing visually how things connect which is probably part of the reason my artwork looks so wrong but if I keep practicing who knows? I am drawing this image based on a drawing not a natural flower because the natural flower is still too complex for me and I am just not able to see it clearly enough to make sense of it (in time I hope to base these sketches on real flowers). This time I tried draw in what I thought were freakish exaggerations and turns out they weren’t really that freakish.


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