Violet (non dominate hand)

snapshot (3)

First let me apologize for the blurry image I am taking photos with my webcam and I simply can’t hold things still lol I figured I needed a baseline for drawing with my left hand. Both my eyes are open. I use my left hand to open jars but that’s really all I ever do with it specifically. I have never broken my hand or anything that would require me to rely on it so I have not learned to use it. You can see the lines are shaky.

4 responses

  1. Still a pretty flower, though!
    I have the same problem with my hands, I simply cannot hold certain things still like a camera for example. Mine is just too light and it keeps waving around, but if I take mir’s huge camera it is much easier to navigate because it is so heavy that I really need to use my strenght to hld it in the air even and my hands, non the less steady 😀

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