Violet with Eyes Closed (dominate hand)

snapshot (1)

I chose a  violet because it is a relatively uncomplicated flower and it wouldn’t do much good to have an elaborate mess.  I tried to add a few details though they didn’t end up in the right place but I did not bother with shading so as not to obscure the image, I am using a mechanical pencil and it has very thick lead, if you are wondering why my lines are so hefty (damn thing is basically a crayon lol). I didn’t alter the image after I’d open my eyes except to darken the lines a little because otherwise it would be invisible in photo but I followed the lines just as they were and didn’t try to correct them in anyway. I didn’t erase as I would if my eyes were open. I really like how that one petal turned out haha The stem ended up quite bizarre and the flower center isn’t located in the center at all! I have to figure out how I am going to cover just one eye for tomorrow. I think it is going to be harder to draw with my left hand then with my eyes closed.


2 responses

    • I just finished drawing the left handed eyes opened version I realized I needed a base with my left hand since the exercise will force me to use it. Since you are an artist let me know if you figure anything about my perception lol

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