Just a little update from me. I took my Swedish test today to determine what class I will be placed in. The classes are A B C D. A is the beginner level, D is the advanced placement and it has employment opportunities (not sure if you get paid or not). I will be in C just as I was before but it isn’t quite that strait-forward. I mentioned to them I have a social phobia (they could tell I was nervous obviously) and they noticed that my written Swedish is significantly better than my spoken Swedish. This is rather unusual as most people learn to speak before they can write. They don’t want to put me in a normal class with 20 to 30 students because I am so shy I will get swallowed up. So they want to start a class with 4 to 5 students. They have small classes for people who cannot write but this will be the first time they have a class for people terrified of speaking. I think I will start in October but they have to first organize this, if this is possible it could be a very good thing. Of course I am scared shitless because I can’t disappear in a small class as I would do in a larger one but I do need to learn how to speak. It is either that or pretend I am mute and tote around a notepad for the rest of my life.


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  1. Yves, I think it will difficult for you, but I think you will also overcome this because you are stronger than perhaps you think. Of course, it’s easy for me to say it when it’s not something I have to go through like you do, but I believe it to be true anyway. And now that I’ve filled your comments section up with awkwardly worded encouragement(?), I’ll take my leave. No no, don’t get up. I’ll find the door here somewhere. 😛

  2. This could be a freeing opportunity, as well as the chance to work towards class D and that potential for employment.
    In a small group environment, you might feel less anxious and shy. Maybe if you turned your back to the class, and spoke to the door, you might relax just a bit. Good to tell people, including teacher, on your unique method of learning to speak better speak Swedish.
    Good luck! You know there lots of folks cheering you on.

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