A Flower A Day? Not sure.


That’s me being creepy and unstealthy in the background. My new soap seems to have improved things at least I don’t look like Freddy Kruger. Anyways I rarely draw maybe once every 5 years or so? I am not good at it so I am just going to tell you that this is supposed to be Lotus. I had thought about drawing a different flower everyday as like a meditational practice in patience, who knows maybe I will eventually even improve. I was also hoping it might strengthen my eyes somehow.  I am not sure if I will go through with it yet though. In the comments leave the flowers you want to see and feel free to try this.


4 responses

  1. I used to think patience was a virtue I had a lot of until I discovered that it was something I had to learn about. So if your painting flowers is a means of learning patience and I can see how it might be then good for you, go for it..

    • Well it certainly isn’t to supplement my income lol It certainly tests my patience. I have a lot of issues with my depth perception so my pictures are flat and well strange. I have a very lazy eye (might become an nonfunctional eye if my vision keeps declining) and a bunch of other eye problems that more or less doom me to being legally blind in the future (I already seriously need to replace my glasses even though I got them maybe 1-2 years ago). My drawings might offer some bizarre insight into how I see or don’t see.

  2. Lovely flower, I really like it! 😀 I hope you continue drawing them and hey, jsut pick the ones you like, but if you lack inspiration, try a carnation (bloody hell, that even rhymed ( -_- )

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