Seeing Red

This is not another angry rant.

When I was a baby I was allergic to just about everything. Soy was my only source of nourishment. I couldn’t use scented products without developing a painful rash. I grew out of most of these allergies (thank God because while I do love tofu I wouldn’t want to subsist on it) but my skin is still sensitive. When I lived in the states I found some soaps and shampoos that worked pretty well for me. I had great skin. Since I moved to Sweden I have had a very hard time finding toiletries and my skin is a nightmare. My favorite brands aren’t available and the cost is fairly high so it’s not like I can just go out and buy everything at once and test it. For the first few years I had bright red armpits thankfully I have sorted out the deodorant situation. I have one deodorant I can safely use even though it is scented.

When I get out of the shower lately I look a bit like Freddy Kruger. My face isn’t just flushed it is a very dark shade of red, it looks like I have been on the wrong side of a flame-thrower. My skin hurts (it is super tight), my scalp hurts. I hate taking photos because I have to find filters to cover up the unnatural color. The soap I have now I got on discount. Isadora uses it with no problems so I figured it would be okay for me but it has only made the situation worse. On top of that I think the reason I am losing my hair is because I am allergic to the products I am using. My scalp hurts all the time, it’s itchy as hell even though I don’t have dandruff or lice or anything else that would explain it (trust me I have Sam checking my head constantly).

I went out today and bought a soap with no perfumes or paraffins. I was so happy to have found one that doesn’t smell. Most of the unscented products smell like a hospital and because I have such a mild natural scent I end up smelling like a hospital.

I still haven’t figured out what to do for my hair because I have coarse hair so I need something both heavy and pure! If anyone knows any brands shout them out they might not exist here but it is worth a shot.

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  1. I can relate. I have chemical sensitivities. It sounds like you do, too. Re hair falling out (tag). I had that happening and after 2-3 sessions weekly for a couple months in a far infrared sauna, it stopped. My hair is thick again. Far infrared saunas help the body detox wonderfully :o)

    • I have a sauna in my home oddly but not an infrared sauna that does sound interesting! I have had some success with the hair loss using hypoallergenic shampoo I have a lot of hair to begin with but seeing so much fall out is a scary thing. I need to clean up my diet as well (while I love veggies, whole grains, fish and the like I also love sugar)

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