1000 Squat Challenge

I took on this 1000 squat challenge today. When I first got the idea I decided to give myself a bit of a mental health evaluation to see if I hadn’t lost my mind. A loose screw perhaps? A faulty wire? A sudden penchant for S&M, with an indeterminable preference? I decided I was crazy but that I might as well give it go. I had no idea at all how many squats I could do, so that was my goal, to find out. At 600 I had to pause and take Isadora to school. On the walk I realized my legs were a little disillusioned with the whole notion of coordinated movement so I preceded to waddle my way to the schoolyard. When I got back I thought lets finish that video. Froggers were first up and they were hard (definitely the hardest)! I am not that flexible or coordinated so this one was a little slower going and I wasn’t counting at that point because I can’t count while swearing so I am not 100 percent sure how many I did but I didn’t stop. I did, however, start my squat challenge prematurely and probably squeezed in 10 before the official start so I might have compensated. I did the one legged squats (ouch!) and I counted them so I know I squeezed them all in. Prisoner squats went by without any incidents or expletives. The last squat was the roll up squat but I have inner ear issues that result in vertigo so I did 100 regular squats again to avoid any mishaps. I can’t believe I made it through that challenge (not perfectly but I am still pleased), I am okay right now (wonky but okay) tomorrow I suspect I’ll be crippled (the idea of sitting down/standing up fills me with dread).


Let me know if any of you guys give this a go and if you do which squats did you find the toughest?


11 responses

  1. Well done Yves, tomorrow you may suffer a little if not a lot…..but you rose to the challenge.
    As a person with low BP I might last maybe to 20 before passing out….getting up and down is not good for me, but well done you…..

    • What is your BP if you don’t mind me asking Michael? I have bouts of low BP (I had very low BP when I was pregnant so I got quite sick changing positions), right now they attribute the bradycadia (which I also have) to exercise because they’ve not found anything wrong with my heart. I have done a full hour of kickboxing with a heart rate of about 55 (I think it is the yoga breath control to be honest because when I am breathing properly my heart rate stays put). Postural Hypotension and squats are not a good combination. I wouldn’t have been able to do the roll squats because of the vertigo

      • Same as me Michael but for me that seems to be my normal though at least it is the reading I get most often. When I was pregnant mine was lower and caused some issues/concerns. I fell asleep in the hospital and they came in with crash carts it dropped so low during the night when I spoke to the nurse I scared her because obviously she was expecting that my condition was much worse. I think my lower number was 30? It wasn’t good and I did not feel good. A lot of people think low BP is good but it can be very dangerous and I am sorry that you suffer with it.

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