A Biography of Hair

When I was a kid I always wore my hair long. I had strawberry blond curls and my hair was one of my favorite features.

Candice at Sheena's B-day

I wish I had a better image but it was the 80s and we didn’t own a camera

In the 3rd grade my mom let my aunt cut my hair. She was supposed to give me a trim but instead she cut my hair chin length. I hated it! By the 4th grade my hair had grown from chin length to midway down my back. My mom decided it was time for a perm. I had curly hair already and couldn’t see the point. She said it would make my curls look better and eventually drug me in to have the procedure. They had to use every curler in the entire salon! I hated my permed hair (I probably got teased a lot), so much I tried to brush it out and ended up ruining it altogether. After that I was on a campaign against curly hair and I convinced my mom in high school to have it professionally straitened (chemicals and all). In the car on the way home my hair started to curl up again, I didn’t even get to enjoy my strait hair for a full 24 hours! The procedure damaged my hair and it felt terrible. So I ended up cutting it which made me look like a little girl. I let my hair grow out again but long gone where the pretty blonde curls, it was just a frizzy, dried out mess. I cut my hair again and finally it started to grow out a little bit healthier.


In college Sam convinced me to get my hair cut into an actual style and not just loped off to shoulder length. I was so used to hair-dressers not knowing how to cut my hair that I was strait up terrified at the prospect of getting it short and styled. The hair-dresser did a really fabulous job! They say it is impossible to get a cut where you wake up good to go but this was more or less the case for me. I stayed with that hairdresser until she moved =(

Short Hair

No idea what I am doing. She worked my crazy deep waves into the style. I have a natural part that is super strait

Red Glasses

Another good short hair picture


After that my attempts at short hairstyles didn’t come out quite so well so I decided to grow it out again. I had Isadora and all the spit up and painful hair-pulling convinced me to cut it again (I didn’t have time for my hair anyways). I went to a new hair-dresser and let her pick the style. The result? My hair ended up an inch long and I looked surprisingly much like a dude. I never wear make up and the ultra short hair brought out the angles in my face. I can’t even show you a photo it is too offensive.

I have been growing it out since despite the fact that I was on a medication that absolutely ruined my hair and caused massive hair-loss. Now that I am older my hair just doesn’t grow that fast so I am more reticent to go short. My hair went from an inch long to this in about 4-5 years, as a kid that would have taken 1-2 years. I am now debating whether or not I should get my hair cut again.

Strait Hair

Strait (this my real hair color but the bright light makes it more red, sometimes my hair looks brown and sometimes weirdly blonde)

Glasses with Hair Down


Not Strait (same length but curls really shrink your hair)

Now to the creepy gross part

I have long hair and a lot of individual hairs. According to a former hair-dresser for every one hair a regular person has I have 2-4 hairs in the same follicle. So my individual hairs are thin but I have a lot of them. I shed like you wouldn’t even believe (I produce enough wookies to keep the race from extinction). I am constantly having to clean out our pipes *shudders*. Hair is very strong when it wraps around an objects and my hair is like fucking wire. I work out a lot and I have to bind it up tightly because of the weight it easily comes loose and when it hits my skin it actually feels like I am being whipped. I am not hair savvy and it is starting to look a little rough, I have a lot of broken hairs in the front.

I am thinking when we move, wherever that is, my hair is going to be a nuisance and I am worried if we get the 70’s house that I am literally going to ruin the plumping. My step dad actually bought a snake for the pipes when I was a girl because of the clogging situation. It is kind of a nightmare and Sam likes shorter hair not 1 inch short but short haha I have never gotten my hair cut short in Sweden and I haven’t really heard a lot of positive things about the hair-dressers so I am nervous. The androgen who cut my daughter’s hair did a great job but she has softer finer hair than me, her hair doesn’t frizz. My hair looks like a microphone or something. I want a feminine look because I am not that pretty and lets face it I will never wear makeup. Having shoulder length hair has in the past made me look very young but I have aged and so now I worry about looking really old instead. What to do?


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    • I would like to see your hair! Thanks Tony! I am having some thyroid issues which is causing my hair to break I mean the left side front has broken and the left side around the ears (I am going to have 1/2 a mullet if this shit continues). I never had trouble with my hair breaking before (save for some baby hairs in front but nothing comparable to this). The thyroid situation is also causing me to shed profusely, Since it is already so damn uneven from the breakage I thought I might cut it, give it some massive love and see if I can nurse it back. I am pretty pissed off to tell you the truth because it was looking quite good finally recovering from the medication I was on (the medication actually turned it blonde!) and now it is taking another downward turn

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