Weight Troubles

Prepare yourself for a whiny, self-deprecating rant. I have put out a good deal of weight I won’t say how much because I don’t want anyone calculating. I started out underweight and decided to gain a few pounds to get myself into the healthy range but then life happened. A lot of life from illness, to my Depression sending me on a comfort eating binge (where I consumed epic amounts of candy and takeaways), to vacations and just everything in between. During this time I did manage to workout some I mean I wasn’t a complete couch potato or anything but my fitness level did decrease.

I had some breathing issues for quite a while after my double bout with pneumonia so I was finding it hard to push without getting sick. After I took the antibiotics to clear my bacterial pneumonia (I also had viral pneumonia) my immune system was shit so I got sick many times after the pneumonia just over and over in some kind of vicious cycle. The stress of being sick so much did not help either I mean I was sick for a year and I still get sick more than I ever did. Anyone who reads my main blog will know that I contract an absurd amount of colds.

Anyways I was just very discouraged by the decrease in my fitness when I was finally able to return and never could get back into it fully. After my vacation I weighed myself and I was seriously bummed out by the results of my slacking. I am not overweight but I am above my normal healthy weight goal post and I can’t comfortably wear some of my clothes, mostly shorts and that sucks because it’s summer. I hate shorts (because I have chubby thighs/short legs and calves that men envy not very feminine but genetic my mom has literally had male bodybuilders ask her how she got such great calves so yeah) and I bought some cute shorts during my skinny period which do nothing for me now but take up closet space. My waist had gotten to be like 22 inches so I had trouble shopping for clothes and now I can shop normally which is great but I don’t feel confident with my body at all. I am just having a hard time adapting and sometimes Isadora comments on my weight gain unintentionally hurting my feelings. She really wants me to have a baby so she keeps rubbing my stomach hopefully.

Anyways I have been busting my ass for 3 weeks working out like a fucking maniac and my fitness is improving (I feel so much better than I did) but I haven’t even lost a single pound. Not a pound in 3 weeks and it just pisses me off.. I am tired of this up and down pattern and even though I have a lot of clothes I can never fully enjoy my wardrobe since the sizes are all over the place. I even keep three different sizes of bras on hand. I just want to get to my goal and stay there! I can wear the most clothes if I get there haha


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  1. Join the club, losing weight is so hard. The basic trick I have learnt is to think about what you put in your mouth. Exercise will make you feel better but I agree with you about not losing weight that way. I never lose a gram when i exercise, I do when I stop eating certain foods like bread, but I find I live in a constant state of hunger, and that sucks. So good luck Yves, I do sympathise with you, a 22inch waist I can only dream of.

    • I am the same Michael my diet really has to be perfect and well lets be honest unfathomably difficult for me to lose. It is more about keeping blood sugar levels stable than it is about calories for me. Because I can have my caloric deficit for weight-loss plus the workout and it doesn’t help if I am still eating the refined high GI type carbs. It always takes me a very long time to start shedding and because of my thyroid issues. I don’t have a 22 inch waist now if I did I wouldn’t be trying to drop a few pounds lol

  2. Maintaining a healthy weight is no easy task, and one that I’ve never been able to master. I get weight around the belly whenever I stack it on, and that’s not good for my breathing. I already have a reduced lung capacity anyway, so a big belly is a big no no for me. It’s times like these that you wish your significant other could just hug the extra weight away. It’s a pity it doesn’t work like that!

    • That is usually how it is for men. Sam is the same he has slim muscular limbs and any added weight goes to the middle. He was very thin when we met like 130 lbs, 5’8, broad shoulders. As he got older he got to be a more healthy weight not so boyish but then he went on anti-depressants and his weight increased to 180 lbs. He is not happy with it but he is always gorgeous to me. I am fortunate I am very evenly proportioned so my weight distributes all over. Since I had a baby I have more lower ab issues then I did before. I have to do a lot of transverse abdominal type stuff. The transverse abdominals are like the girdle that keeps your stomach from spilling over so to speak, it keeps you tight and it really works. I didn’t know after I had a baby I was supposed to wear a special wrap to help restore my muscles (some women even need surgery) so I had to tighten up all that shit with exercise and it took a long time to regain my strength because Isadora was a large baby and I had anemia most of the pregnancy so I couldn’t exercise let alone stay awake lol That is so cute Tony hugging weight away, maybe vigorous sex would work lol

      • Ha ha! Yes, that could work indeed! I’ll have to get onto that! I didn’t know that about the transverse abdominal stuff by the way. I think I’ll have to put my research cap on find out what I can about it. Thank you!

      • Do so Tony because I did a lot of ab exercises with minimal success but adding exercise for the transverse really improved the appearance and just my strength in general. It will also help if you have back pain. And have lots of sex with the missus and you will be sporting a 6-pack in no time!

  3. Have you heard of Tracy Anderson? I’ve been struggling to lose excess baby weight & tighten the ab muscles for years now. The old exercises seemed to get me only so far and then I would plateau & lose motivation.
    I’ve recently discovered tracy Anderson & am 27 days into her metamorphosis program with excellent results.
    It’s hard work (30 mins mat work + 30 mins dance cardio, 6 days a week) but it’s worth it. You get a new mat workout every 10 days. Her exercise is different to anyone else because she works on accessory muscles vs primary muscles – which is good for women because you don’t bulk up and you get a lean, graceful dancer body as a result.
    It’s worth a look if you’re interested.

    • I haven’t Bianca thanks so much for the recommendation! I was certified as a Pilate Instructor I love the dancer look and those types of exercises. I don’t bulk up though even when I lift weights well my upper body doesn’t my muscles are mostly in my legs. All this HIIT I have been doing is very high impact so I need to switch it up sometimes.

  4. I can certainly relate to this post! I have put on quite a bit of weight since becoming ill (I have COPD and Fibromyalgia among other things). Trying to lose the weight has been very frustrating to say the least!

    • It is and it is hard to stay positive and motivated when nothing happens. I keep telling myself consistency is the key but I always start with a plateau. Other people lose in the beginning and as they shrink and grow accustomed to their exercise routine stall but not me it takes a full month minimum to get my metabolism started. I am working out really hard, how that has no effect on my appearance/weight baffles me. I am improving my fitness but you would never know it to look at me. I wish you the best Jackie with your health

  5. Putting on weight is no fun. And the yo-yoing makes it worse — it can also make it harder to lose weight (there is a medical reason). And sometimes we have to up our perfect weight numbers at bit. I know I’ll never weight 102 to 105 again. Have to accept a number slightly higher!
    Good luck! I don’t know if you eat gluten or not. Some people find that removing gluten makes the weight loss process easier and faster.

    • I did stop for awhile with the gluten because I was having so many digestive problems and at my wits end. I gave it a year and I do think it aided weight-loss but it is quite a challenging and expensive undertaking and didn’t help my stomach enough I guess to justify. I was less constipated though. I will have to see what I can do and where I end up haha

      • I’ve tried gluten free, but due to the expense (I can get a half decent whole wheat roll at the local store for .28 (used to be .25, while the gluten free bread I like best is 6.99!
        When I was trying really hard, I made every thing gluten free I ate, mostly scones and muffins from mixes, and if you include oats, then oat bran muffins.
        It’s funny, when I’m gluten free (I mean REALLY gluten-free, I don’t feel better. But when I go back to wheat, I feel worse! So now it’s wheat and gluten free so I don’t get too much of one or the other. Gluten free often uses corn flour, and I think I have developed a sensitivity to corn!
        I hope you end up with less.

      • I went totally Gluten Free for a year but I still kept getting stomach bugs over and over. Sam is sensitive to corn actually. I am on a more normal eat home-cooked food sort of diet. I have always eaten a lot of Japanese food that is mostly what I cook.I don’t want to end up on a no food diet with a weak constitution

      • No — diet is important. To balance what your body needs with what you like to eat. Small portions eaten more often sometimes helps with digestive issues.

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