To Curve or Swerve (a day in my life)

Generally speaking when people ask me about my day I cringe internally. I tend to be open with my feelings but for some reason talking about my day to day is a challenge. Since I have started therapy it has become increasingly important that I learn how to retrace my steps so to speak.

So here goes a boring day in the life of yours truly

6:00 am I woke up refreshed (no seriously I woke up in an unintelligible stupor tripping over imaginary tea kettles)

I post to my blog first thing after getting dressed drinking a full glass of water and taking my birth control pills 😛

Yoga for 30 minutes

Prepared breakfast for me and Isadora

I had two slices of herby bread with Italian cheese baked into the crust with a little bit of butter (I am not big on butter) and fat slices of seasoned tomato, an orange

Cleaned up after breakfast

Brushed my teeth (made sure Isadora brushed her teeth properly)

Then it’s on to the serious workout

I did this one today (full dying toward the end)

Then I had a shower and changed clothes

At some point in the morning I read some posts

Went to Stadium Outlet with everyone to get some socks for me and Isadora. Looked at bathing suits for her (I would never dare I hate shopping for bathing suits!) but they never have her size =(

Went to the grocery store (I might want to slow down lest you get overstimulated :-P)

Came home put on some laundry while Sam made (heated lunch) I get super hungry by 11 am like can’t even think hungry. I had some sort of tortellini with vegetables and a tomato sauce. A slice of apple cake for dessert yum

I think I did more email and more laundry

Weeded Isadora’s clothes

Took out the recyclables with Isadora’s help

I talked to my mom on Skye!

Did more laundry and more emails

Set up my prompt

Played some type of alphabet game with Isadora

Explained to Isadora that our ordinary fan is not sucking up all the cold air from outside and making it hot (she didn’t believe me)

Gave Isadora an early bath because she was out in the yard running around and was just really sweaty

Watched a live action with Sam

Wrote my poem for the day =)

Found out I have to get my ID renewed =( Is absolutely terrified!

Ate dinner Sam made tonkatsu which is like a Japanese breaded pork with a sauce, rice and peas (it was delicious)

I am technically on a diet admittedly it’s a vanity diet since I am not overweight just over my normal weight. I didn’t eat very healthy though did I lol Whenever I go on a diet Sam gets in the mood to cook. He is probably going to make a peach cobbler with ice cream tomorrow which I will eat to support him haha Whenever I go on a diet I notice he starts feeding me. Why are you measuring that rice, eat another bite, have some pie. I think he likes my curves. I never like to take full body photos because they get into weird hands. Like I asked a question on 4 chan about hair and someone posted a picture of me talking about my amazing boobs (their words not mine). I am too shy to be curvy.

And here are some old pictures of me and Sam. Look how cute he is its insane!


I do have a lazy eye but I am also looking at multiple things lol I used to have great skin! My hair is dyed in this.



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      • Thanks you Laurie we are older now haha I think Sam was 19 in his photo and I am maybe 24 or 25. He is now 34 and I am 33 (34 in November ahhhhhh). I think probably he’s changed more than I have except he has like no aging lines and if his parents are in indication he won’t for a very long time (lucky bastard). Personally I think I look a lot older now than I did then, for a long time I had good skin but Swedish weather has been very unkind to my sensitive skin

  1. I liked learning about your day — much busier than one of mine. The pictures are interesting. I think you’re still a pixie, just an older pixie.
    Sam at 19 has a very interesting face and smile! Can see why you and Sam are together!

    • My days aren’t always so busy but I did sign up for Swedish and if we get a house in the country they are going to get so much busier which scares the hell out of me I am not going to lie. Sam is a cutie pie

      • Big changes come as adventures and very scary things. I’ve moved an awful lot, and it doesn’t matter if its the first or the 21st, I am excited, scared, and very very tired.
        Good luck with Swedish, your busier day, and hopefully a home in the country.

      • I feel the same way, moving is so much work. I am trying to keep my house clean and organized and I bought a lot of boxes to store loose items so hopefully I have made it easier for myself, it certainly is easier to clean now that it’s ordered

      • I totally agree. However, we downsized to a very tiny house, but it seems our belongings didn’t get the less is good, neatness counts, off to charity we go messages. Boxes in the attic; no space on our shelves and the stuff still in storage in my mother’s home town that I have to go back through — everything might be a mess — and arrange to have it shipped from Canada to the US.
        Good luck with the house hunting!

      • We are in a very tiny apartment and hopefully we moving to a bigger space. The houses in the country are so much bigger than where we live that probably we will have strait up empty rooms lol

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