To avoid a lengthy summary of my situation please refer to this post


Some time in February I went to visit the Neurologist an experience I wrote about in the above post. I expressed very little about my experience with Dr. S as I was, at the time, extremely emotional. When I went into the meeting I was under the impression that I was meeting with my new Neurologist. I was excited and hopeful that I was going to get answers and treatment options, something Dr G had not provided. I had no idea that I was stepping into an ambush but that is exactly what it was an ambush.


Dr. S was extremely condescending and accusatory. When I explained the mix up to her in detail and with the collaboration of my husband she flat out told me that I have memory and mental health issues and thus I cannot expect anyone to trust my version of the story. She also indicated that I should not trust my own experience given my issues. I walked out of that appointment in tears. I cried for days afterwards. Sam wanted to report Dr. G for gross incompetence but I told him without written proof we don’t have a case. I am a terrible record keeper and tend to delete and dispose without much consideration so I figured even if we did scour our records the likelihood of finding something to corroborate our side of the story was unlikely. I wanted to move forward with treatment for PNES and put everything behind me. The experience was horrible and it severely damaged my trust in the health care system. Worse than that the experience has caused me to second guess myself to an unhealthy and debilitating degree.


I have been doing extensive spring cleaning over the last few weeks and today I decided to tackle some of our paperwork a task I have been dreading for years! Today I found proof a certified letter from Dr. R stating that I have Epilepsy. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. Why is it so important? Because it validates and corroborates what I’ve been telling Dr. G all along. Dr. R told me on numerous occasions that I had Epilepsy but Dr. G and Dr. S insisted so much that I was lying that I had started to believe I’d brainwashed myself and all my friends and family besides.  I needed to see written proof. No I don’t plan to pursue legal action because I want nothing at all to do with any of the doctors involved. No I don’t plan to find a new Neurologist for treatment of Epilepsy I am still proceeding with this being psychological in origin. I doubt the competence of every doctor involved but the facts remain that medication was not effective so I have no choice but to take an alternate route.


I received an unsettling letter in the mail recently asking why I wanted to discontinue counseling services. I emailed my therapist promptly telling her I had no such intentions. I asked her why she thought I wanted to discontinue and it appears that when Dr. S discontinued my services that she attempted to discontinue more than just my Neurology services. Am I pissed off? You bet but I have a feeling if I attempt to contact Dr. G or Dr. S in any form they would just make a mess of everything. I do wonder if I need to find a new therapist as this one has been in contact with Dr. S and Dr. G and has already been confused. I fear I might not be able to straiten the situation out properly and establish a trusting relationship.


Now for some advice


Save everything from your doctor

Ask for copies of all your tests and records and keep them

Record conversations/appointments especially if your are suffering from any memory or mental health issues because they will dispute everything you say




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  1. This makes me angry. You should be able to trust your healthcare providers, but instead you’re being forced to watch your back to see if there are any fresh knives in it, and to second guess everything you’ve ever done, said and experienced. I think you are correct in your decision to have no more to do with them in case they try to cause even more harm.

    With your current therapist, it might be good to have a wait-and-see approach. Hopefully they won’t have let their judgement be smeared with whatever anyone else has had to say about you, and that they will just take you as you are with no preconceptions whatsoever. If they can’t do that then they’re not cut out to be a therapist as far as I’m concerned.

    I wish you all the best, Yves. This is a tricky path to tread, but of course you don’t need me to tell you that.

    • I was going to see I have an appointment on the 28th so I’ve been informed via email but she’s not yet sent me the appointment notice in the mail. They are required to send notices my Neurologist never did and it was a major issue because she did not always communicate times so I’d have appointments I didn’t even know about. When you go in the secretary asks for those notices (they gave me a very hard time in Neurology office nearly refused me several times because of it) and I am getting right pissed off about it. Last time my therapist sent me a notice it was for the wrong time so I showed up and got sent home. The notices help me to remember and keep track of my appointments provided they are accurate, I have memory issues they are also required (it is a governmental thing it is nothing I have personally decided) but my therapist is giving me a hard time about it. She doesn’t want to send them and does’t understand why she should even bother to do so. She said she would because I insisted but still no notice and usually the mail is very quick. At the moment my impression of her is not great but I want to wait and see if she pulls through.

  2. You are already having problems with your therapist, dump her! If she can’t understand why you need those notices, she is NOT doing her job.
    So she hates sending notices. One email shouldn’t be too difficult; if that’s a chore, then dump her.
    She is putting herself ahead of the client. In therapy that is the wrong approach. The client’s needs should come first, especially when it’s a simple, 2 minute task.
    I think you should write a letter of complaint, even if you don’t have documentation. I suspect others have done so, and you would be adding your voice to the complaints. I know it isn’t easy to do, but I did feel better after I wrote a letter of complaint concerning a doctor’s attitude and treatment protocols to the governing body for physicians where I was living.
    Can you contact the doctor that certified Epilepsy? Can they be of assistance at this point?
    Drs. have the god complex, even those who more recently graduated. Very little time is spent on etiquette, attitude towards patients, etc. etc.
    I’d test out a new therapist by discussing the issues over your diagnosis. If she believes you, and asks the right questions, you have a keeper.
    Good luck and sorry I wrote so much. I think I just blogged on your blog!

    • lol I don’t mind that you blogged on my blog

      I do have written confirmation that Dr. R diagnosed me with Epilepsy. Obviously he told me the diagnosis and Sam was present. As I mentioned before he sent me to Dr. G for treatment of Epilepsy not for diagnosis. Specifically he sent me to her to be evaluated for surgery. I did call him at one point to complain about Dr. G he said he has received other very similar complaints from patients. He also reaffirmed everything he told me previously. He even stated again that Epileptic activity was visible on the EEG he conducted. Dr. G claims there was no such activity on the EEG in question. Furthermore when I was allowed to view (on the computer) what Dr. R had written concerning the EEG it was completely different from what he’d said to Sam and I in person and quite frankly the note didn’t even sound like it was written by him. I even asked Dr. R what he’d said to Dr. G and what he said and what Dr. S showed me don’t match at all so I can only deduce that someone is lying. Dr. G said she was going to complain about Dr. R and I haven’t been able to reach him since. She has a lot more authority than he does and I haven’t figured out yet if he has done anything wrong or if Dr. G and Dr. S are just trying to get rid of me and cover their asses in the process.

      I can’t work out if Dr. G is dangerously incompetent or if she is genuinely malicious or both. When I asked her questions about Epilepsy she was unable to answer them in either Swedish or English.Basic medical stuff seemed absolutely beyond her comprehension. When I asked if I could switch Neurologists she switched me to a colleague who immediately cancelled my care the explanation I was given was the PNES diagnosis which was never mentioned to me though Dr. S insists otherwise (I wish I’d recorded the dialogue with Dr. G then I’d have confirmation, Sam can confirm but in a battle of who said what we’d lose). The whole thing is confusing. Dr. S was strait-forward unlike Dr. G but she was rude and condescending as hell and she defended Dr. G vehemently. That seemed her major focus to defend Dr. G’s reputation and to make me feel incompetent. I really think there is something sinister going on. At the same time I don’t really want to get paranoid and I’d really rather put the whole mess behind me.

      I am skeptical to my new therapist already if I don’t receive a notice I will cancel and ask for a referral with limited disclosure. It is very hard to get into therapy here there are a lot of hoops to jump through. I can’t just decide I want a new therapist and ring someone up and if Dr. G is any indications it offends their egos immensely when you request a change so much so they are willing to jeopardize your care just to be right.

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