My Book is Available!


Right now it is only available at Lulu because we have to proof for Amazon and at the moment it is in just a paperback version  Sam and I completely forgot the E-Book probably he thought I didn’t want an E-Book version because he bases a lot on voice tone and sometimes my voice tone is inexpressive. Anyways I will remind him later.

My Book!!!!!

Oloriel Moonshadow designed the beautiful cover check out her blog =)


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  1. Sorry, I was so excited that I hit reply before I finished typing – lol! Seriously, so excited about this! Congratulations! I’ve already told Oloriel that the cover is DIVINE!!! xoxo

    • She did any amazing job on the cover =) Thank you so much I have 2 sales for Au so I can’t say if you were the first but you may well have been, I hope you love it. I am excitedly waiting your book!

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