Brian Durushia

I stumble face-first through unobstructed space

To what fear do  I assign these inadequacies?

I venture that life is more terrifying

Than a beseeching black womb

I venture that light is more obfuscating

Than darkness for the eyes serve the ego

To know the heart without pretension

Is the appeal of sleep but I do not wish

To remain motionless that long

To pursue that which can only be conceived

Is the reclamation of wonder and indeed

It is better to chance upon happiness

Than to surrender to a sentient death


I was on the tram and I just wrote down my random nonsensical thoughts I feel half-crazed today. I did go to the library b/w everything else and checked out “Slouching Toward Nirvana” by Charles Bukowski now if only I had a moment to read it lol


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