Love is everywhere


Love is not hard to find so much as it is difficult to receive.

There exists within humans an impetus toward chrysalis. We want to escape pain even at the risk of anesthetizing our experience of life. Many of us do have opportunities to connect be it romantically and/or platonically but we simply choose to stay indoors with the blankets pulled over our heads. Many of us do in fact have worthwhile relationships of some sort already but our insecurities prevent us from recognizing the depth of the other person’s regard. When I am feeling particularly isolated/undesirable it is not because I am truly alone in this world, it is because I’ve refuse to let anyone inside for a visit.


As a shy person the number of people I approach is miniscule and yet for years I wondered how it was that I never met new people. Even when someone did approach me I often dismissed their conversations/invitations as social obligation and/or pity. This doubt has nothing whatsoever to do with my feelings for the individuals in question (in many instances I found them charming company), it has to do with my feelings for myself which are largely negative and entirely too invasive. Some people did persist despite my avoidant tactics but imagine how they felt? I spent so much time feeling sorry for myself that I never never even considered it.


Love is everywhere. People who have it, have it because they’ve put themselves on the line countless times. People who have it have been rejected countless times. The same goes for talent, people who have it have worked their assess off to obtain the skills in question. They’ve had the courage to fail and to succeed. They’ve pursued their dreams with every fiber of their being so never diminish that with dismissive comments about luck. While I do believe in luck, success will never come without risk or effort.


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