This Mess We’re In


I am in the process of making my apartment more inhabitable and more mobile should we move in the near future. At the moment it speaks of complete madness. As I have mentioned many times we live in very close quarters. Privacy is luxury none of us have and as for guests well I personally think the space is too intimate to entertain. We haven’t much in the way of seating and our dining room table isn’t functional. It’s not piled with junk or anything but it’s where we keep some of our kitchen items because there is simply no where else for it. As Sam likes cooking for people during the summers we go to his parents country house and have cookouts and such.


Sam is a man of many hobbies woodworking, painting, computers, sewing, etc. Whenever the mood strikes he likes to just sit down and create. He doesn’t like to put things away because then he would have to take time to set up and with work he has so little time to create as is. Our apartment looks more like a workshop which means it isn’t very attractive. Even the sofa has “projects”. We don’t actually a lot of nicknacks though I do enjoy pottery we just haven’t to surface area to support nonfunctional items. I am extremely grateful that he can woodwork downstairs because in the past he’s done it in our living quarters! I don’t even want to tell you how long it takes to get wood-shavings out of a carpet. I don’t think our apartment is going to become cozy no matter how fastidiously I organize Sam just doesn’t cut off and I am an creative type as well. My exercise equipment is everywhere and there is no where to store it not even under the bed because I store the extra bed linens there.


I have decided to start with Isadora’s room as it has the most unnecessary clutter. She’s grown out of both clothing and toys and has accumulating quite a lot of both. I can’t really clean her room when she’s around because she tends to follow behind “undoing” and she freaks out when she sees more sorting items for disposal, donation less so but disposal yikes. I hate to admit this but I have already spent 6 hours and it’s not done =(. Also my hands are blue seems to me she went nuts when she got a hold of the blue food dye. When I think she has more things stored in the basement I cringe. I won’t worry about that now though.

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  1. One’s mess will expand to the size it will hold. My house is large and as much a nightmare as your apartment seems to be. I spent three weekends decluttering my daughters’ room, and it is as bad as ever now. I am a minimalist living with people who need to be surrounded by everything they own attached to their eyeballs….LOL. I wont even go into the computer room!

    • I like to keep it simple myself, I have to take care of it and quite frankly I would rather do other things besides cleaning and organizing without space there is no room to even enjoy stuff but it is hard to convince them to reduce haha

      • Ownership, the act of ‘possession’ is to take hold of and be in charge. A powerful thought and letting go of ‘mine’ to have less is unpalatable for many. I let that idea go after I realized that all these possessions are just weighing down my soul and I spent more time cleaning them and picking them up than I do enjoying or using them. I would be happy with a little apartment that has just what I need in it. LOL, a single, simple life is probably more my speed now-a-days.

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