12 Tips for Finding the Perfect Image


Art By: Mystic Mornings

People frequently ask me how I select the artwork for my blog so without further adieu I offer you my humble tutorial.

  1. First you need to identify the style of art that best suits your piece: Surrealism, Modernism, Fantasy, Impressionism, Abstract, Cubism, Pop Art, Expressionism, Photorealism, Sumi-E etc. Personally I use Surrealism the most but each person has a different style. Also determine if you want a painting, a photo, anime-style, or a sketch. Sometimes instead of Surreal Art I would search for Surreal Photos or Surreal Sketch
  2. Second identify the mood/theme of your piece. Sometimes it is enough to type in Surreal Art Vengeance.
  3. If a particular image or metaphor stands out even better. Fantasy Scarecrow.
  4. I also browse free wallpapers there are lots of beautiful fantasy photos freely available. I often use the free wallpapers for my lighter pieces as they tend to be pretty. For women I often find that fantasy works best. There are also a few really beautiful fantasy images of couples. I have the hardest time with couples as it is very hard to find actual couples as opposed to models posing.
  5. Let’s say I am searching and I find a beautiful image but it is not appropriate for the poem in question. If the artist is not stated I simply do a reverse image search. Though it is not 100% when I do find the name of the artist I like I can peruse their collection and A) Check if their work is available for public use and B) See if one of their other pieces is more suitable.
  6. Occasionally I find an image that strikes me but isn’t totally on point. Often I will find I like the color palate in which case I do a reverse image search again and then click on Visually Similar Images in the search options.
  7. When I am looking for photos on meditation or spirituality just searching wallpapers is sufficient I might type things like: Mudra, Mantra, Zen etc.
  8. Sometimes I am looking for something well scary so I type in things like: ghosts, horror, Gothic, creepy, Victorian pretty strait forward that. I often do: Surreal Art Creepy
  9. Sometimes I base my search on a particular time period or mythology
  10. Sometimes I find that my search word just happens to coincide with the name of a movie, band, or tv show that’s when the thesaurus come in handy!
  11. You can always get outside and take your own pictures or create your own art, particularly if the piece you’ve written was inspired by something you’ve seen in real life
  12. Beautiful pictures inspire so occasionally I will find an image I like so much I simply have to write about it!

10 responses

  1. Thank you for this! I think the hardest part is remembering the different art forms. I forget them as I don’t have any background in art, so something like surrealism just doesn’t come to mind. This list is very helpful!

  2. I have been most interested in the available for use aspect of your images how-to. Do you always verify availability with the artist? How often do they say no? Do you ask or just go ahead if there is no notice published with the work? Has anyone ever objected? What then?

    • I check their sites to see if they’ve specified any restrictions like do not share my photos lol If they would say no or have it printed somewhere that they do not allow it or if it has a price tag somewhere then I look for another picture. Sometimes I find the perfect picture but if I have some inclination or knowledge that I can’t use it then I don’t use it. I don’t always ask no mostly I scour the sites. I try to use free wallpapers and famous photos and photos for which I can identify and give props to the artist. I try I probably have fucked that up a few times.

  3. Kudos to you for doing all that work. I have not bothered because I always felt that all the good stuff was copyright protected and permission was impossible or expensive. You seem to have breached that expanse and found wonderful art that is available. I’ll try your method.

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