Level Up


Art By: Patrick Tang

I watched this TED talk several months ago and found it to be quite inspiring despite my skepticism. Like most people my personality is wrought with contradictions. Truth be known I am something of a Devil’s Advocate especially in regards to myself. I question everything! I take the opposing side in order to understand the alternatives and the flaws in my own inclinations. I poke holes and sink ships and rise up from the sea utterly defenseless.  On the other hand I am innocent and gullible and I can’t witness without effect. I worried about viewing life as a game about the in inadvertent consequence of desensitization even though that’s not what she’s saying but you know the mind doth protest.


As you know Planescape Torment is my favorite game at least I feel you must know that if you’ve read either of my blogs. I identify with the main character his sarcastic wit, his amnesia, the way he attracts tormented souls, the way he recognizes the absurdities in life. He is cool precisely because he isn’t in the usually contrived sense. For one he isn’t traditionally handsome (I think so actually the dreads and the scars). Coolness really is just being natural and having a sense of humor about yourself. The game is creepy and philosophical and suits me to a tee. Maybe that is part of the game’s charm as I have never been able to identify with the Superman types. Anyhow I sometimes like to pretend that I am on an adventure. The idea that we can level up is particularly appealing to me as I often feel trapped. The idea that the more I learn and do the more magic I will discover is also immensely appealing. I agree with Richard P. Feynam that if you go deep enough anything can be interesting. Yesterday I was having a relatively good day and I gave myself little adventures and I was a lot more productive than usual. I was fairly productive today too but in a lot of pain so I didn’t have the same stamina.

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