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I was asked to do a tutorial on waking up in the mornings though it turned out to be more tips on improving sleep I hope there is still some useful information!

1. Have a consistent sleeping schedule. I can only speak from my own experience of course but when I am feeling sleep-deprived I find that my self-injurious and suicidal thoughts increase substantially. I also find that my productivity and performance take a hit which means my confidence does as well. For me sleeping in is not particularly tempting as my body gets very sore and very stiff. Sleep past 7 am and the sleep paralysis kicks in. I sleep from 10 pm to 6 am. I use my phone as an alarm. My alarm isn’t all that loud or annoying because it doesn’t take much to rouse me. For some people music works best and there are these nifty alarms that work with your circadian rhythms and light. Speaking of light turn it on, open the blinds. I can’t do this because Sam wakes up later so I have to physically exit the room. If you tend to hit snooze place the alarm clock far away so you have to get up to shut if off. I find having the schedule also helps when I am feeling especially Depressed because my body is trained to get up at a certain time so without even thinking about it I just get up.
2. Have something to look forward to in the morning. When I get out of bed or I should say when I leap out of bed to avoid slipping back into a coma I have a routine. I always drink a cold glass of water to rehydrate/wake myself. Some people will wash their faces in cold water or hop in the shower. I post to my blog but I don’t bother with my email because if I tried to sort that out when I first got up I’d never manage to get anything else done. After posting I do yoga for a ½ hour. Yoga has really helped me cope with Depression and body pain. Also doing yoga forces me to put on something at least resembling clothes. If you don’t like yoga try some other form of light exercise (Tai Chi is great for balancing and increasing chi) in the morning it helps to start the day healthy. After yoga there’s breakfast which I never ever skip. Then I brush my teeth. I have to brush my teeth because on the days I postpone it I am completely miserable and inactive. Later I will exercise more intensely as exercise is a great mood enhancer. Some people look forward to a morning cup of tea/coffee, cartoons, reading the newspaper. In my ideal world I would love to complete the above and then write but I have to get Isadora to school, clean, and of course I have to read those emails.
3. Air out your bedroom frequently. Seriously open the windows let the light in and try not to make the bed for at least 4 hours so the sheets can breath (I just never make the bed problem solved). Wash your sheets frequently. Make sure you have a good mattress and pillow so you are actually getting a restful sleep. Sam has Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome so we went with an orthopedic mattress it isn’t I’ll never get out of bed again soft. For some people a humidifier may help I lived in one apartment where the air was so horrendously dry I’d wake up gagging. I probably woke up looking like the crypt keeper too lol
4. Go outside every day if possible. You need natural light you can’t stay in an apartment with the windows closed and the blinds pulled you will get sick and you will get morose as fuck. I have to go outside and hug trees just to avoid becoming homicidal. A walk is often the best medicine.
5. If you really want to get picky follow a low GI diet and eat small frequent meals this will keep your blood sugar levels stable which will keep your energy and your moods from crashing. It will also help you to get to sleep at a decent hour because if you are subsisting on sugar and caffeine highs you are probably not sleeping properly. I don’t even drink caffeine I do eat chocolate on occasion though haha.
6. Lay off the booze while alcohol does help you fall asleep it doesn’t allow you to reach deep sleep.
7. Orgasms can relieve the stress and tension accumulating during the day which can allow you to sleep better at night.
8. Music once you get out of bed why not put on some upbeat tunes to invigorate?
9. Make dinner healthy and try to avoid eating after 7 pm (no late night junkfood binges)
10. Set yourself up in the morning for success. Lay out your clothes, prepare the coffee pot, a little prep work can help ease the stress and dread of getting up. You can record your favorite show and watch it in the mornings instead of when it airs.
11. Have a relaxing bed time ritual. Meditation, a nice bath, light reading. Try not to flood your mind with disturbing or distressing images before bed.
12. Write down something good that you look forward to the next day or try keeping a gratitude journal to add a little bit of positive energy. Turn your dreams into stories so you have to get up and write them down before you forget!
13. If you love animals and can properly accommodate and care for one, having a pet can lift your spirits. Having a dog forces you outside. Pets also demand to be fed in the morning so you have to get up.
14. Express yourself. Make sure you have a creative outlet and someone to talk to. Keeping feelings bottled inside is terrible for your health.
15. Exercise your mind. We’ve covered physical exercise, spirituality in the form of creative expression, but your intellect needs a good workout if you want to sleep better and feel happier. You can start with watching TED Talks or documentaries that way it’s not too far out of the comfort zone. But work your way up to active learning activities. Take a class, study a foreign language, take on a new hobby, try to rekindle your curiosity about life.


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  1. Great tips! I have been having a hard time with sleep these days because right when I crawl into bed, my little voice in my head decides it’s the perfect time to evaluation my life performance. Shutting it up with a good book before bed helps though. Lol. XD

    • Do you? I used to be incapable of eating after dinner and since I like to dine like a pensioner that was very early. Now that I have a daughter and hubbie and I watch movies or animes at night I snack more in the evenings which is probably not doing me any favors haha

      • I eat whenever I find the oportunity, because it is practicaly impossible to feed Seth and husband at same time, so I start my first meal of the day around midnight when Seth falls asleep. I do eat during day sometimes, but in an unhealthy way,m ostly gobbing down as much of lunch as I ca in 5 mins that I have free 🙂
        It never impacted on my sleep tho.

      • I have food allergies and I try to be healthy (I don’t always succeed trust me), Sam has digestive issues and mainly eats, yoghurt, cereal, oatmeal and sandwiches though for some reason he can eat goodies hmmm, and Isadora eats I guess like a cross so I make 3 different meals sometimes. Sam cooks when his stomach is feeling good and then he can make for everyone he is a really good cook and really good at working with restrictions. It is hard though everyone eating differently. Izzy and I eat breakfast together a little before 7 am (she has school) and by then Sam is at work (he goes early so he can come home early), at lunch I am alone except the weekends when it is chaos, and dinner we try to eat together even if no one is eating the same meal lol We eat dinner at 5 pm. I have to make lunch now I am behind I like to eat it at 11 lol I eat so early.

  2. Could I reblog this with your permission? I know folks who will find your tips useful as folks with chronic pain (as you know) physically and mentally often have sleep issues. Thanks in advance.

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