The Squids Are Coming!


By: The_Surreal_Arts

We know that humans as individuals are given to deleterious habits and self-destructive behaviors. But what about humans as a species? Are we driving ourselves to extinction as part of a grander design? Has nature wired us to detonate? Just as the explosion of stars is necessary to shape the universe are humans an essential catalyst? The very things necessary to sustain our lives poison us. Food, air, water every one an essential poisons. Do you believe man is important/integral or a mere stepping stone in the evolutionary process? Is man the most intelligent life form out there? What defines intelligence? What life form might inherit the planet if humans die out (assuming there is a planet to inherit)?


2 responses

  1. For sure, if there is a plant left and there are oceans left, there will be whales, sharks, crocodiles, and alligators since they have been here millions of years. (At least I think Whales have been here millions of years, but maybe not.)

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