The Tao of Abundance


One of my favorite self-help/philosophy books is the Tao of Abundance By: Laurence G. Boldt. When I was in college I was a bit obsessed with self-help books. Sometimes the advice would seem tailor-made, sometimes I’d come up empty but whatever the advice it was always Sam who ended up making positive lifestyle changes. I would read/analyze and share my findings with him and he would integrate the advice seamlessly. Sam doesn’t like to read (I know blasphemy) so I end up reading and interpreting larger texts. I forget what I read quickly so I admit I store information in his brain for safe-keeping. He’s like a human version of Wikipedia. Anyways the aforementioned book is filled with brilliant quotes to contemplate and I use it more as a meditation I suppose. You can open up any page and find beautiful bits of wisdom. In the back of the book the author poses all sorts of questions and though I have owned the book for 10 years I have never bothered to answer any of them. So I did a few for today.

I have limited my ability to receive love by

Withdrawing socially

Repressing my feelings

Failing to communicate my needs clearly

Avoiding conflict

Devising negative scenarios and accepting them as truth

Waiting for the other person to take initiative

Declining invitations

Shirking responsibility for my own happiness

Failing to extend compassion to myself

Forcing my opinions on others (how often do we decide that we aren’t good enough for someone?)

Using inflammatory terms like “always” “never”

Taking other people’s emotional states personally

Defending when I should be listening and seeking to understand

Keeping score

Comparing relationships

Trying to “fix” (Sam will tell me about a conflict and damn it if I don’t immediately try to find a resolution)

Antagonizing/Boundary Pushing (ODD at its finest)

I have limited my ability to experience joy by

Taking myself too seriously

Trying to control my environment

Spending too much time indoors

Avoiding challenge and discomfort

Denying my self creative expression

Comparing myself to others

Defining success by social constructs rather than personal standards

Basing my happiness on conditionals (I’ll be happy when I win the lottery, get a job, lose ten lbs etc.)

Shirking responsibility for my happiness

Setting unattainable goals

Holding on to too much clutter

I have limited my natural intuitive ability by

Withdrawing my creative outlets

Neglecting my mental/physical/spiritual health

Repressing and/or rejecting my negative emotions

Pursuing perfection

Ignoring my sense of shame when I’ve gone against my nature

Being dishonest/insincere when approaching change

Rejecting my needs/dreams/self

Breaking promises I’ve made to myself

Engaging in mind-numbing and/or addictive activities

Defining success/abundance by social constructs rather than personal standards

Imitating others

Running away/hiding from myself and/uncomfortable situations

Engaging in self-destructive activities (including vicious internal dialogues)


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