50 Things I am Grateful For


1) Sam and Isadora. I abhorred the word family as a child. Basing my perception of normalcy on my own life experiences I came to equate family with abuse and perversity. Not so anymore now I see what a family should be.

2) Trees. When I am feeling especially stressed/miserable I go outside, just resting my hand on a a tree and feeling the beautiful spirit inside brings me an immense sense of peace/gratitude. After giving birth to Isadora I suffered from a pretty intense case of post partum. My precious little bear was healthy but she did not understand the concept of sleep. I was exhausted and yes a little crazy. I used to take her to this aviary preserve situated near a serene lake and just soak up the zen energy. There was this one tree there that was absolutely stunning.

3) Chocolate

4) Cats purring there really is no sound comparable

5) Good books this includes the funny and cute children’s books I read to Isadora at bedtime

6) Writing

7) My wordpress community

8) 7:30 pm-10:00 pm  That’s the block of time Sam and I have alone together

9) Dreams of the nighttime cinematic variety

10) Sam’s cooking the man can make anything and with my various dietary restrictions it borders on miraculous

11) Owls their little faces amuse me so

12) Picking fresh fruit both the activity and the consumption

13) Washing machines and dishwashers I am really happy not to have to do that by hand everyday. Don’t get my wrong I do find those activities meditative but they are rather time-consuming and having the option is nice

11) Moist is a band again! I am not sure if they will ever come to Sweden fingers-crossed but I am excited to see if they create some new songs

12) Planescape Torment best game ever made in my humble opinion. The team of Planscape Torment is working on a new game Torment: Tides of Numenera Sam and I have already pre-ordered it on Kickstarter woot

13) A clean house though this is a very uncommon experience I do like the feel of it lol

14) Old libraries and bookstores. I love nothing better than curling up in some creepy alcove in a room filled with books. I love the smell of old books that’s my idea of heaven right there

15) Orgasms I don’t think an explanation is required

16) Doing yoga outside with the sound of birds singing and the feel of sunshine and fresh air

17) Weeding and digging I must have been a mole in a previous incarnation because I absolutely love digging around in the dirt

18) Medical documentaries I simply cannot get enough of them

19)Planetariums I still feel that sense of awe and wonder of course I also feel it standing outside under a night sky but then I don’t have a helpful guide to fill me with facts lol

20) The tour of Europe I took in high school  it is one of my fondest memories

21) Old barns who knows why but they are scary in a very compelling way when I used to live in NC I snuck into a few of them

22) Biographies love them

23) Picnics any reason to get outside and of course I love to eat

24) Dancing it fills me with such a sense of freedom

25) Mountains when I lived in NC I got a rush every time I looked outside they just fill you with such a sense of beauty

26) My Little Ponies they were my favorite toy and I played with them right until college no joke lol

27) Dancing in the rain

28) Cloud watching (I get motion sick though)

29) Going to the movies. Even as an adult I still get that wow feeling when looking up at the big screen.

30) Being greeted by a happy dog

31) Being scared. This might be strange but usually some of the more amazing sights take place high up and although I am petrified of heights the desire to explore sometimes overtakes me.

32) Baking I don’t do it often but it is something I really enjoy.

33) Various teachers. Teachers that encouraged my writing and creativity. Teachers that made class interesting and fun. Teachers that never lost patience despite my disabilities. My ballet teacher taught me the joy of dance (I loved it as a child too but my father killed it for me by molesting me). I never thought I could love it again but seeing her smile with such innocence and radiance healed my spirit. Dancing allowed me to reconnect with the body I abhorred, it allowed me to open my extremely closed posture. She also introduced me to Isadora Duncan (not literally).

34) Through my ballet/modern dance teacher I met Lori Belilove I had never experienced the shock of celebrity before but she awed me. Seeing her move, it was supernatural I can’t even explain it she was from another planet. Having her teach me was insane! I can’t believe she even worked with me at all considering my abysmal coordination. My classmates had previous dance experience having danced since childhood, that was my first class in dance so I was a complete novice.

35) I got to watch members of the New York City ballet perform which is amazing enough but I also got to meet and work out with them!

36) I saw a Broadway play

37) My yoga class in Asheville I had the most amazing teacher when I visited the states a few years back I actually stopped in Asheville just to take that class again. I miss it desperately

38) Receiving my certification as a Pilate’s instructor was an amazing accomplishment for me because I had to do a teaching demonstration to pass

39) Graduating college though it took me a whooping 10 years to get a 4 year degree I did it

40) Being approached by a red wolf in real life and not getting attacked lol That was an extremely cool experience having such a beautiful creature approach me, it was very humbling and yes a little intimidating.

41) The good old Victorian Crowned Pigeon. The zoo in Asheboro has a lovely aviary and the Victorian Crowned Pigeon is one of the more elusive birds kept there. When I go one of these gorgeous and somewhat alarming birds always approaches me. I am sure I am in a few family photos with this big blue and I hear aggressive bird sitting on my shoulder. Luckily the bird has never shown malice toward me. I have no idea why this bird is attracted to me. Maybe it is a scent thing because I have a bizarre problem with wild birds trying to land on me as well. I know I am regular old Cinderella lol

42) The zone I have no idea what the zone is but sometimes I go there and I ace tests even in subjects I generally bomb.

43) The look of wtf on babies faces. Seeing them discover the world is an amazing thing to witness.

44) Peace and quiet I love having the house to myself in the mornings “sigh”

45) Road trips

46) Sam’s impeccable hygiene I’ve seen guys I know how it could be lol

47) The smell of fresh laundry

48) Walking I love walking, being able to walk with ease for long distances, exploring my environs

49) That my mom has always supported my love life

50) Being in the water though I am a weak swimmer I still pretend I am a mermaid!

15 responses

  1. I went and investigated “Moist’ and now have some on my itunes library. Thanks for that lead.15 should be on everyone’s list but why so low?
    An amazing list, I hope you get to experience the ones from back home a few more time Yves. Thank you for sharing.

  2. 🙂 I loved reading all of these and congrats on the pilates certificatoin!!!! I am thinking physically it was hard as well. lol I think I may steal this idea….;)

  3. Thank you for publishing this list. I loved reading it, and it showed me more of who you are – a beautiful, sensitive, refreshing, delightful, wonderful woman! I loved the things you put on your list too. Such a wonderful idea.

  4. Lists like these show that you know yourself well. I don’t think I know myself well enough to write out 50 things I like. Sad really. Although most of what you liked I agreed with, don’t know anything about pilotes though! I am a tree hugger too!

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