Zero to Hero Day 25


Daniel Conway

I honestly can’t believe how much time has elapsed since I began this challenge! In my life there are so many unaccounted for lapses in my attention. Days coagulate as if the wounds of a virulent trauma. As I said before I currently have no desire to change the appearance of my blog. Could the appearance be improved or enhanced? Of course but I am happy with my blog as it stands now.


The same cannot be said of my own appearance! Winter has wreaked havoc on my skin. I have naturally dry skin thanks to a faulty thyroid and thanks to a very fair complexion I also have hypersensitive skin. Needless to say I am not aging well and the products designed to minimize aging are much too hard on my delicate skin. That is okay though because they are over-priced and I believe largely ineffective. In my mind it boils down to diet, protection, hydration and sleep. It isn’t actually very easy to get sunburned in Sweden the sun just doesn’t seem to have the same nuclear intensity that it possesses in North Carolina. Tomatoes are excellent sun protection if you didn’t know! Since I started eating them regularly I haven’t really gotten burned (once but only because I had stopped eating them for a spell). If only my mother had known that then I might have been spared. Back in the 80s there was more of a let your kid fry mentality. I got some nasty sunburns and as a result my skin is not the beautiful smooth alabaster that it once was. I don’t have sunspots or anything but I have some lines (way too many in my opinion). I never sunbathe, as much as people seem to hate pale skin, the threat of becoming a handbag is just too scary (since I have never had any sort of tan whatsoever I am assuming I would die of skin cancer well before that happened).


The problem in Sweden is the cold, dry weather. I have been itching like mad for months. Meanwhile Sam has skin so smooth it would make a Disney princess murderously envious. Why is his skin so soft? I think it has to do with the temperature at which I shower, which could very well cook a crustacean. I like my showers scalding bowels of hell hot. I am trying to ween myself to lukewarm =(


8 responses

  1. Fair complexion is beautiful! My daughter has fair complexion. I love the line, “the threat of becoming a handbag is just too scary”. Ha ha! Have you considered, take your hot shower but just before getting out of the shower, cool down the temperature for a few seconds, then get out? I know that after shampooing my hair and rinsing it good in “hot” water, if I then rinse it with cold water it does wonders to it for some reason….

  2. I too am “melanin challenged”. We should band together, get melanin challenged cards and demand rights. Like the first to the umbrella at the beach kinda rights. Ive been told that lukewarm showers, no rough toweling and immediate lotion on damp skin helps (my dermatologists advice). I am not too faithful though, yes the hot shower is a temptation thanks to my cold house and I cant resist the glorious feel on my sore muscles!

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