Zero to Hero Day 18

webcam-toy-photo14Today we’re asked to link our blog with a social media site which I have done (I probably still have a bald spot :-P). The only social media site I am active with aside from WordPress is Twitter and to a much lesser degree Facebook. I use Twitter to promote other writers and my Facebook has more real world relations so I rarely share my poetry there. Sam thinks I should get Pinterest? so I can help him collect photos for furniture-making. I believe I am on other sites but I am not active with those sites. I find WordPress keeps me busy!


What’s up with that picture? The plan was to try and dress up to represent the Planescape Factions but I realize that would take a ton of work haha So here is one of them! I am not wearing lipstick, I do have naturally red lips, but this is a filter effect. Notice I have a red face as well haha What the devil is up with your hair? What indeed. I didn’t know what to do with it so I sat it on my head, yes literally sat it no safety pins or hair bands were used in the production of that wonky behive. No hair spray either it is just perched up their like a nest of dry twigs. I have a weird hair texture I can tie it together like dreads, stack it into a mental looking hat. Just weird weird hair. I tried to do a Sensate originally. They are depicted with a cute high ponytail but my hair does not flow it more fluffs and blobs. I had the perfect dress though. What I went for was a Doomguard but I don’t look even slightly menacing. Well maybe the left eye does lol


8 responses

  1. I love the pic! 😀
    I think you could have fun on Pinterest, with all the pining and browsing stuff and there is poetry there too from what I’ve seen. it is just terribly addicting and time consuming at the same time.

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