Zero to Hero Day 17


In addition to leaving comments I thought I would invite you to interact via a simple prompt.

Tell me a ghost story. Real life stories are preferential but fiction is great too =) I will comment on every story shared. If you don’t want to post your story to your blog feel free to leave it in the comments section otherwise add your link to Mister Linky.

As for my ghost story?

When staying overnight at my aunt’s house I heard a knocking sound and the voice of a small child pleading desperately for his mother. I was the youngest child in the house, my cousin was a teenager and I felt pretty confident that it wasn’t him (what self-respecting 16 year old boy would be caught dead crying for his mommy?). My room was next door to my aunt’s room so I peeped outside and nearly plain as day was a little blonde boy in a very simple dressing gown. I asked my aunt the next day if she had ghosts but gave her no specifics. Her response “So you heard him crying lastnight?” And then she told me about the little blond boy, apparently he kept her awake quite a lot. She had to get up and open her door to quiet him. He wasn’t a scary ghost but he was distressing just the same.


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