Zero to Hero Day 11


Today’s challenge was to comment to three blogs which I do routinely anyways. Baring that in mind I decided to do a quiz, which provided I get participants has the potential to be interactive. “What Planescape Torment race are you?” Your job is simply to answer the questions and I will calibrate the results. If you are uncomfortable posting your answers publicly you can email me. If you are uncomfortable sharing your answers with me but would still like to participate I will give you the answer key. This is just for fun and please bare in mind that some of the results may be offensive as some of these races are demonic in origin. You do not have to know anything at all about the game to participate I will give you a detailed description of your race. There are only 12 races included : Slaadi, Aasimer, Githyanki, Tiefling, Githzerai, Tso, Khaasta, Gensai, Human, Formian, Baatezu, Tanar´ri. If you are familiar with the races you might be able to guess your way to the desired result.

Are you the sort to eat anything on a dare?

  1. Bring it on
  2. No
  3. Define “anything”
  4. I’m a picky eater
  5. I wouldn’t insult my palate
  6. Food is fuel
  7. No way you probably poisoned it
  8. Free food? Score!
  9. Don’t be ridiculous what would others think?

What do you do in your free time?

  1. Rest up after a hard days work so I can do it all again tomorrow
  2. Sports, video games
  3. Writing, painting, dance that is if I can find the time
  4. Indulging my vices what else?
  5. Television, computer, hobbies, friends that sort of thing
  6. I like to travel, explore my environs, don’t want to be cooped up inside
  7. Counting my money
  8. Chess and other logic based intellectual games amuse me
  9. Training mind/body/spirit
  10. Free time is a waste there is always work to be done (though I do take the time to beautify my surroundings)
  11. Fighting I like to start stuff you know?
  12. Survival is somehow all I have time for

How was your childhood? (check all that apply)

  1. I was abandoned, neglected, and/or abused as a child
  2. Education was foremost, my childhood was rather serious/disciplined
  3. Pretty average I reckon
  4. My parents were militantly strict, they also believed in corporeal punishment
  5. I had a very privileged childhood
  6. My childhood was very violent
  7. My parents and teachers had exceedingly high expectations as I was a gifted child
  8. I was taught to be responsible and independent from a very early age
  9. My parents were all about appearances and reputation. I was an extension of that mentality.
  10. I am a hard-worker but to be honest I didn’t do that well academically. I will likely take over the family business
  11. My family is very competitive. We have an established hierarchy.
  12. My parents were more interested in making money than they were in me

Check the characteristics that best apply to you

  1. Arrogant
  2. Manipulative
  3. Greedy
  4. Superstitious
  5. Inattentive
  6. Calm
  7. Loyal
  8. Independent
  9. Volatile
  10. Trustworthy
  11. Abnormal
  12. Duplicitous

Let’s talk fashion sense what best applies to you?

  1. I have a flashy sense of style I like loud colors and lots of accessories
  2. Tattoos, identifying symbols, and colors…I want people to know what group I belong too
  3. I am not into fashion for me it is all about practicality. I tend to dress very plainly.
  4. I follow the trends more or less
  5. I am generally found in my work clothes
  6. I’ve got a very distinct, individualistic sense of fashion
  7. Let’s put it this way I stand out in a crowd whether I want to or not
  8. I dress for success, labels are an obvious extension of that
  9. I prefer to wear a uniform takes out all the guesswork and levels the playing field
  10. I am bit of a perfectionist
  11. I have expensive tastes
  12. I take care of my appearance but not to the point of vanity

Let’s talk about morals (check all that apply)

  1. I’m law-abiding, group-minded
  2. I think in knowing yourself you will find peace of mind. Peace within peace without.
  3. I have a strong sense of values, my parents raised me right. It’s not for me to judge or condemn others.
  4. I feel like I am in a constant battle between good and evil
  5. I pretty much share the values of society as whole and of course my family helped shape me
  6. I come from a very militant background. I believe in law and order. I strive for excellence.
  7. Within my group/family I am polite, respectful. I like to keep the peace. I can be standoffish and confrontational to those outside my circle
  8. I am fiercely individualistic
  9. I am lacking in both honor and conscious
  10. I am a patron of chaos
  11. I’m entitled by birth I have every right to demand respect
  12. Morals are just a facade

Lets talk about future careers and ambitions (check all that apply)

  1. I prefer to work alone
  2. I am the practical sort
  3. I prefer to stay close to my family and work for the betterment of my community
  4. I prefer to be my own boss. I refuse to be someone else’s lapdog
  5. World domination
  6. I care about status and prestige. I want to make a name for myself. A politician, a surgeon, a CEO something along those lines.
  7. Manual labor
  8. I am not ashamed to admit that I want to be rich
  9. I’ll etch out a living however I can get by
  10. That’s for my parents decide
  11. You know college, career, family and all that
  12. Whatever I do I will no doubt be successful

Do you find it hard to trust others? (check all that apply)

  1. You can’t trust anyone
  2. I do not trust anyone outside of my circle
  3. I am extremely empathic so it is for me to read people
  4. I have some trust issues but they don’t prevent me from participating in society most of the time, love is tricky though
  5. I trust in my own strength
  6. I am loyal and I surround myself with people who share my values
  7. Presentation is everything…everyone lies to get to the top
  8. I do not trust those beneath me in station as I am certain they would take advantage given the opportunity.
  9. Money is the root of happiness I’ll do whatever it takes to get rich and the same can be said for others. In the end everyone is selfish.
  10. I am big on contracts if someone tries to screw me over I’ll pay them back ten fold
  11. Trust has to be earned
  12. I trust people to lie

Let’s talk social skills

  1. I make friends easily. I am popular and outgoing.
  2. I have a very tight knit social unit
  3. I have minions…not friends
  4. I don’t like people much but I’ve got certain “needs” if you know what I mean
  5. I’d stab a friend in the back in a heartbeat if I thought it would help me get ahead
  6. I’m an outcast. I find it difficult to make friends.
  7. I guess you could say I don’t understand all the social morays. I am not a big on group work either. I like to do my own thing.
  8. I can’t complain I’ve got some really great friends
  9. I am choosy about my social contacts…I wouldn’t be caught dead with someone beneath me…
  10. I am afraid I come off as aloof and unfriendly
  11. I am elitist and I am very wary of outsiders
  12. I have social props not friends

Alright let’s talk core beliefs (check all that apply)

  1. Self-knowledge is the key to inner peace
  2. I prefer concrete facts to philosophies and abstractions
  3. I don’t like to think too hard. I’d rather just be told what to do.
  4. Keep your enemies close
  5. I share my core beliefs with my family, friends, and community
  6. I hope to live up to my parents, teachers, and friends expectations. I don’t want to disappoint anyone.
  7. I’ve always felt I had something to prove. I want to rise above the prejudices and stereotypes placed on me.
  8. Fight hard advance it’s that simple
  9. I have always found corrupting the innocent to be delightfully entertaining. The more people I can lure to my side the better.
  10. Protect your own hide
  11. I’d like to travel the world and draw my own conclusions
  12. Freedom and independence are tantamount

Does your life center around suffering and torment?

  1. No I live a very privileged life
  2. My life centers around work but it gives me purpose
  3. I do not like disorder…I can be very hostile when things don’t go according to plan.
  4. I have a lot of responsibilities and obligations but I would not say that I suffer. I consider myself lucky overall.
  5. I have good days and bad days
  6. I have hurt a lot of people to get where I am
  7. My life is fine but I keep my guard up
  8. My world revolves around chaos. I consider myself something of a sadist.
  9. I struggle but it’s the challenge that gives my life purpose
  10. Living outside of society results in a good deal of suffering
  11. I have good control over my emotions
  12. I find others must suffer in order for me to achieve success

22 responses

  1. 1. Define “anything”. When I was in elementary school, I was hungry and I needed money, so I ate a bug as a dare by my classmates. If it was something else, I might not. So, it depends on what it is 😛
    2. Writing, painting, dance
    3. My childhood was very violent
    4.Arrogant, Loyal, Trustworthy
    5.I am not into fashion for me it is all about practicality. I tend to dress very plainly.
    6. For the moral questiosn, under 4 and under 8
    7. I prefer to work alone
    8. For the trust one : under 1, 10 and 12
    9.I’m an outcast. I find it difficult to make friends.
    10. Keep your enemies close
    11.I do not like disorder…I can be very hostile when things don’t go according to plan

    This was very fun to do, cant wait to see what the results cook for me 😀

      • Haha, somehow I always end up with that race 😀
        It is very hard for me to do tests and answer questions, when usualy when there is even 30 possible answers, mine would still be something entirely different.
        Take the thiefling example. It says murderers. I would be a murderer. I would kill other murderers, take law in my hands, Dexter style etc. At the same time, I like the Assasins guild from The Discworld Series – yes, it can appear comical and dirty at the same time when you read about it more and more, but in a fantastical manner, I would not care if someone payed me a sack of gold to kill some rich bastard noble that molests his maids. It gets a bit of a snooze fest when most games, books, RP universes label these attributes solely as fiendish. Sometimes, honor is preached with blood 🙂

        What was your score? 😀

      • I have to take it I am making lunch so I will be back in a while to show you my answers and results haha I love Discworld! I do not think good and evil are as black and white as games make them in Planescape though the tieflings aren’t really evil at least the ones you meet

  2. Okay I am back

    Here are my answers I am also a tiefling
    1. Define “anything” I am not that picky but I do have food allergies and some limits haha
    2. Writing painting, dancing
    3. I was abandoned, neglected, and/or abused as a child
    4. Superstitious, Inattentive, Loyal, Volatile, Abnormal (I can’t say trustworthy because I have lied and I have never forgiven myself for it)
    5. This one is hard! I do mostly wear workout clothes but when I do actually get dressed my style is distinctly my own
    6. For this one both number 2 and 8 apply I am so damn stubborn
    7. 1 and 9 both apply. I’ve always been the sort to take on jobs others are too squeamish to do. If/when I get a job it will be whatever I can get
    8. I guess 3. I am not sure if I do or don’t trust people. I expect people to be well people. I am pretty good at sussing people out though
    9. Both 6 and 10 (you guys can’t see my grumpiness haha)
    10. Both 1 and 7. I am deeply introspective as you know but I am also always trying to prove myself
    11. 10 I am really at odds with society

      • lol we do. I suspect we have some similarities but you are more organized from what I can tell I am just heaving pit of chaos not like evil chaos but I am just very scatter-brained, okay I am a bit naughty I do tease people until the blush and stammer sometimes

      • I am too organised. I am the one that on family vacations goes around the house and folds everyones clothes. If I come visit, I’ll iron and fold your clothes too. I just can’t stand the mess. Seth is right now as I am typing making a plastic ball playground in the livingroom (he takes em all out, then swims through them) and I am jsut sitting and trying not to get up and pick all of it up. This ofcourse, goes out on a larger scale, as well as details. but gamewise it gets out in the open the most. I remember playing Dragon Age with my husband ( you always say Sam , so, my husbands nickname is Mir, so you know when I write so I dont feel sillu writing just “husband” all the time 😛 ) and we have a quest and he is jsut storming and fighting and I am like “That corner over there. You didn’t check it!” or “Hey love, I took the liberty of organizing all your bank, voidstorage and bags in WoW while you were sleeping. You’re welcome! ” 😀

      • I check everything in games and read everything drives Sam nuts! I can’t stand an unfilled map. In real life though, in real life. I think you might combust in my apartment. After I have a seizure I am sort of in this weird haze and I put things in strange places. I have found hotdogs rotting in the bread basket, I’ve put fresh laundry in the fridge, money inside of books, so we are always losing and finding. Sometimes we find something great sometimes it’s an old potato in the sock drawer. I can imagine you would follow me around the house all day lol I am sure I would be more organized if my brain didn’t shut down and reboot constantly but I think I would still be disorganized when working. I would clean up after but when I am into a project I am messy

      • The reading part in games drives Mir nuts as well. I always want to collect all documents, codex, books, pages and read them as well 😀
        Regarding the house order, among many things, my mother is a serious and dangerous hoarder. When I was little, between 4 and 8 years old, she was teaching me to be the same, I was literaly collecting trash myself. Somewhere along the way, I just started feeling it was a wrong and unheathy thing to do and I stopped, but she didn’t. It formed the lives of me and my father. Their house is barely walkable, there is food she keeps that dates back to 80s and she throws tantrums and threats if u try to throw it and she takes it out of the garbage.
        There is a constant need in me to relax and just leave shirts unfolded and plates unwashed for a day (I hate doing the dishes, I love eating on the other hand and doing ihe dishes right after a meal is just a joykill), but I am constantly stalked by 20 years of living in trash and fear that whatever I do is just a step in her direction.

      • That must have been extremely painful. I am not a hoarder. I know that I can’t take care of a lot of stuff especially right now so I prefer to to keep it minimal. If I lived alone I would have very little but I live with a 6 year old and a husband who has lots of hobbies. Our apartment is tiny so right now it is cramped. With the new house we will have space for a family. Sam will have a whole garage for his hobbies which I will not have to clean around woot! So the main house should be very reasonable actually. We do have to get rid of the toys Izzy has outgrown though that would be the main thing. My mom’s house was never clean and my stepdad has trouble throwing things away so she had to sneak around and throw things out in secret. As a kid I had to do a lot of cleaning because my mom has really bad ADD. My biological father had very little possessions and his house while pretty empty had a gross film and he never took baths so he smelled like rotten meat. So I am pretty intense on hygiene.

  3. I wouldn’t know a Tiefling from a Gensai (give me Klingons, Romulans, Orcs, Fairies and such I’d do better), but here goes with the answers. I think I picked more than one answer on occasion (even if not instructed to — probably makes me a human:
    1. Due to allergies/sensitivities, its a definite NO
    2. 2 & 12: write to survive; survive to write.
    3. a qualified 1 & 4; and a definite 8 (I had to be)
    4. character: 4 (why tempt fate?); 8. when on own all the time, have to be; 11. abnormal — never really fit in
    5. Fashion sense: 6: not necessarily flamboyant but individual, at times unique (or ahead of the trend, lol)
    6. morals: definitely a 4 (paternal family’s evil gene and my own demons)
    7. career/ambition (career lost and dreams unfulfilled) so 9.
    8. trust levels: 1 (from multiple experiences of learning it the very hard way) and 12 (hard lessons again.)
    9. So much a 6 (always on the outside looking in, wishing I was in)
    10. Core beliefs: a strange mix of 7, 1 & 12
    11. suffer/torment (my life!): 5. good days and bad days and 10 living outside society feeds into 5.
    There — I’m probably some weird morphic creature; or half this and half that. I don’t fit neatly into categories.

  4. I love doing things like this! So here goes:
    1. Food is Fuel. (Despite a minor sweet tooth. Hehe)
    2. Writing, painting, dance that is if I can find the time. (I always make time for this!)
    3. I was taught to be responsible and independent from a very early age.
    4. 7, 8, and definitely 11!
    5. I am a bit of a perfectionist.
    6. I feel like I am in a constant battle between good and evil.
    7. Whatever I do I will no doubt be successful. (This is what I’d like to believe. =])
    8. Trust has to be earned. (I am very careful about who I let into my life.)
    9. I guess you could say I don’t understand all the social morays. I am not big on group work either. I like to do my own thing.
    10. 1 and 7 for sure. (Knowing yourself is important, and rising above it is an even better feat!)
    11. I struggle but it’s the challenge that gives my life purpose.

      • Sorry, hope it wasn’t too challenging. =]
        It’s true though that I am on the perfectionist side, and it definitely has it’s ups and downs. I find that it can help you strive to do the things you want to do in life, even if it’s something difficult. Though I find it hard to like that side of me because I know there’s really no such thing as perfect. My mind and body still has the impulse to stress and think otherwise.
        Usually, it helps to just remind myself about one of my favorite quotes:
        Pobody’s Nerfect (<— and yes, it's misspelled on purpose. xD)

      • I am the same way I can be quite hard on myself and I do get quite obsessed. As a kid I really want to get everything just right I used to drive my friends nuts because I’d do the same thing over and over until I was satisfied or had a breakdown usually the latter lol

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