Zero to Hero Day 10


Today’s challenge was all about adding widgets and again I chose to keep it simple. I might add a Blog Roll later when I have more time. For now I added a follow my blog via email button and a Goodread’s section. I have a lot of adding to do to my Goodread’s page but a few of my favorites are listed so check it out. Also please feel free to suggest books!


In unrelated news Sam and I are going to look at our first house today! We’ve browsed houses online but we’ve never taken a physical tour as we’ve never been in a position to consider owning a home. I can’t say that we are in a position now exactly but we’ve been saving up. Provided we can get the requisite loans we may be able to purchase a house! Our requirements make finding a home within our budget especially difficult

1) Must have access to tram and/or bus. I am unable to drive because of Epilepsy and there is no sign of that changing so I need to be able to get into the city without a chauffeur.

2) Must have a grocery and school nearby. Again this has to do with my inability to drive.

3) Would like to have a small easily maintained yard for Isadora. Neither Sam nor I have a green thumb so a huge garden is out of the question haha

4) Must be a reasonable distance from Sam’s work to avoid a painful commute

5) Must have a shed, garage, basement or something of the kind so Sam can woodwork

6) Must afford some privacy. We don’t want to live in an attached house for example

7) Must have 2 bathrooms. We are going to have a teenage girl so I think that goes without saying lol

8) While Sam in extremely handy we cannot afford extensive repairs/remodeling so the house must not have any major issues

9) Must have closets/storage space haha

10) Yoga room. That’s right I want a room for exercise because I exercise everyday and aside from writing which doesn’t take much space it is a primary hobby

11) Must have a spacious, well-planned kitchen. Sam and I cook A LOT and we have quite a lot of supplies.

12) Must have washer/dryer hookup. The thought of a 40 minute bus ride into the city every time I need to do laundry is a terrible one. Actually if that were the case I’d get a tub and a washboard.

13) We need 2 bedrooms, decent size. While Sam and I don’t actually need much space in our bedroom Isadora needs a play area

14) Must not have ghosts!

15) Must not be infested with insects, vermin, or mold


We looked at the house and it does have all the things we want. The yoga space is amazing haha There is some damage and I believe a lot of the outdoor paneling will need to be replaced provided there is no rot issues that is feasible. The bathrooms are small but they exist and Sam can build shelving. He built shelving for a previous bathroom and it held a ridiculous amount of stuff and it was totally unobtrusive so. He would have a nice big garage for wood-working. The kitchen is adorable and the layout of the house is really nice. Isadora loved the yard. A lot of research needs to be done and we still have to go to the bank to see if a loan is even possible. Without a loan we will have to look at apartments instead.
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