Zero to Hero Day 8


Every time you join a social media site or forum you are encouraged to create a profile page. I love creating profile pages so long as I am not the character being evaluated. With that in mind I decided to do something silly for the sake of my own amusement.

Yves K. Morrow

Race: Tiefling

Class: Writer

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Starting Stats (max is 18) I brought Sam in on this discussion because I was a little confused on how to translate these traits as they are not equivalent to their real world definitions. Sam is the second number.

    • Strength: 9/10 (I think I am pretty average in the strength department most of the time. I do have a “berserker mode” which has nothing to do with being angry. My brain does not always communicate important information to my muscles. So sometimes the safety switch that prevents one from using too much force does not trigger. Example when I was 6 I really wanted to get into the sewer so I pulled open the 150 lbs cover by myself whoops. Luckily my neighbor caught me! Unluckily not before I dropped it on my fingers. Luckily I have insanely strong bones.)
    • Dexterity: 4/10 (While I do consider myself reasonably fit I have terrible coordination. I did take karate and I am hard to hit but that’s only because I move so unpredictably. Sam says that a character with a 10 in Dex is uncoordinated in game terms. He agrees I am uncoordinated haha)
    • Constitution: 10/14 (This was a hard call. I have bones and wound-healing like Wolverine. I am also fire-resistant but I have Epilepsy and lately I’ve been getting sick a lot. Sam says my stamina is good hence the higher score.)
    • Intelligence: 5 (Sam didn’t know but intelligence in games has more do with memory and logic. I have severe memory impairments so I gave myself a low score, had it been intelligence in the real world sense I would have went with 9 because I’m average)
    • Wisdom: 15/16
    • Charisma: 11/17 (Obviously Sam loves me but his reasons for giving me such a high-score are people trust me and people are very generous/kind to me. Even organizations which are not typically noted for their humanity.)

I'm a Zero to Hero Blogger!


10 responses

  1. I love profile making, especially in games, tho I must admit that more then a decade of playing made me lazy in this area, I just wanna start the game nowadays. My husband spends around 3 days minimum just on the character screen.

    • I spend some time but not 3 days I don’t think it would help me anyways lol I am terrible using magic in games and I actually I hate using magic in games despite the fact that I know full well it could be awesome. I have zero tactical skills. I am more of a run in bash bash, thoughtful conversation type lol I have a bizarre luck in games like I might play all the way to end without ever dying which really baffles Sam because nothing I do in the fights makes any sense. Apparently I confuse the enemies as well lol Sam on the other hand has epic morale. If he is playing Heros of Might and Magic he can have one skeleton happily take out a dragon. He just constantly gets morale. In the Sims I spend forever making them look pretty and designing their personalities. I love Planescape because there is so much fascinating dialogue and I am more about the interactions than the fighting. I tend to be good with bows in games, weirdly bows in the only weapon I can use in real life.

      • I always play barbarians or rogues/thieves myself, big hammers, long swords, maces and I just go bash skulls. Seeing, like you, I reckoned magic could be usefull, I built a char once that had equal strenght and magic in Diablo 1. Everyone mocked me, but he cleared dungeons like a charm πŸ˜€
        I once played a Heroes of Might and Magic game versus a friend that lasted for 2 months. Part 3 of the series is my alltime favourite. Once me and my husband downloaded some Balkan map and it was hillarious, but he did not want to play it cause I was lucking out big time.
        More modern multiplayers tho, like moba’s, I NEVER play a strenght/melle character., I always wanna be in the distance, shooting overpowered spells πŸ˜›
        I love game puzzles, but nowadays they are too lame, I keep expecting them to be overly complicated (like for example the Music Box in Resident Evil 3 or Sargrarios room escape (the whole thing)) but they turn out to be too easy.

      • I played Diablo with a strait mage once but I didn’t use magic I had him bash with the staff seriously I got to Diablo but I couldn’t win without magic. Who does that? Magic never occurs to me. I like number 3 the best too =) I do sometimes use magic in Heros because I love implosion haha The Dungeon castle is my favorite. I haven’t played any modern games I have no idea which are good

    • Some people do get hooked so I understand. I played old school nintendo games as a kid but Sam introduced me to PC games. I play them sometimes but for me it isn’t a daily thing or an obsession. I can go months and sometimes even years without bothering, my games are very dated as well so I don’t keep up but they are fun. I play on the Wii with my daughter sometimes

  2. This was a clever and fun way of learning a little more about you. You should play with my husband, he is a master player of online RPG’s. Right now he is obsessed over the Lord of the Rings. Have you tried the online version of this one? I used to play but it stresses me out too much and my manual dexterity is horrible so I always die and he gets mad, so I gave it up.

    • I’ve never played an online game because I don’t tend to play very frequently. Also like you my dexterity isn’t great and it takes me a long time to learn the games so I start out terribly. I also tend to play in a way that is unusual and so my teamwork is poor. I also take my time and read every little thing, which drives some people nuts

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