Zero to Hero Day 7


Actually I was little preemptive changing the Header (I changed it on January 9th). I assumed that my technological incompetence would make the task more time-consuming. I was correct, changing the header was unreasonably difficult. I could have let Sam change it for me but I was determined to try and try I did. Just when I thought I had achieved the impossible (producing purple text in a nice font) I was disheartened to find that my header did not match the background! I took a screen capture of my blog page and used color picker in Gimp  to match the header background to the blog background. I thought I was really very clever but as I was congratulating myself for my ingenuity I realized that I had no idea how to change the background color of my header. Layers is not a concept that occurred to me in the production of my header so I was at a loss. In the end I did have to call in for reinforcements.  Tragically I had spent most of the day on this little project and I was reaching the end of my rope. Sam finished the header in, well let’s just say less than the time it takes to pour a glass of water. I didn’t go for anything fancy as you can see and after reading my post I think you can understand why. Oh to get the color of the background Sam brought up the HTML code. I don’t even know how to bring up the HTML screen and I most certainly cannot read it.


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    • Thank you =) I think they should have more free options because I do like to remodel every now and again that’s part of the fun of having a blog but I guess I can’t be too picky since I am using a free blog haha

  1. Yeah, I guess this is the way to learn, spending all day on simple tasks, but I am in the same boat… still I am satisfied when everything works out… but as soon as I get good at something, everything changes (specifically I hate windows 8) The purple is nice – soothing

    • Thank you =) I don’t have Windows 8 but I do have a lot of trouble with Windows. I have tried to use Linux but I am technological incompetent and there is so much you have to have Windows for (I mean Microsoft basically has a monopoly)

  2. I like it. And I have the same darn story for everything I have done on both my blogs. My husband refuses to help me even though he could do it in a minute. I have spent DAYS and days on various hurdles. BUT….they are my babies and mine alone and I am proud of every little achievement! And so should you be….what I do is I have a draft post that I put stuff in to remind me how to do something I put on my blog in case I need to change it. I accidently hit publish once, but quickly realized my mistake LOL. Otherwise it is great, always at my fingertips.

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