Zero to Hero Day 6


For my something different I decided to step way out of my comfort zone and do a video blog. Being extremely shy I didn’t think it would be possible to woo a crowd with witty banter aka bashful stammering so I decided to do a reading. Having a book in front of my face gave me something to focus on, a script if you like. Why did I choose a red filter? Aside from the fact that I love red, I wasn’t brave enough to go at it naked (aka with a clear image). I am also sick at the moment so I am not looking too healthy in life tones.


My computer refuses to acknowledge the existence of my webcam so I had to look online for a free video site. This was the only site I found that had filters and it is the same site I use when taking webcam photos. The quality is poor, I opted out of high quality because my connection isn’t strong enough to support it. I don’t think my voice is that clear so it may be that you can’t understand/hear me. That is what you get for having cheap equipment I suppose! I am reading from Jim Carrol’s Void of Course. The name of the poem is “Poem” which is the case with many of his poems.


I look badly dubbed which is pretty funny. My eyes are not closed I promise I am actually reading from a book. My hair didn’t allow for me to put on my eyes glasses and my best eye is far-sighted (the other one is near-sighted go figure) hence the book being held so far away. As for the hair I wanted to do something cute like pigtails but I found them suffocating and over-sized. In the video they were reading creaturisk, I didn’t want you to think I had some type of brain sucking tentacle on my head it might detract from my lackluster performance lol

I'm a Zero to Hero Blogger!

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    • Well I am hoping by doing this others will be emboldened to give it a go. I am not pretty in any normal way and I am really really shy if I didn’t push myself of my comfort zone I might never leave the house lol I try not to take myself too seriously, to just have fun, and not worry too much about what others think sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don’t but such is life

  1. Been admiring your bravery since I saw this in my word press reader stream earlier. As it’s late, and I can’t find my headphones, I’ll have to listen to the words tomorrow.
    Filtering the image is fine; brave to even consider going so outside your comfort zone.
    it took a while before my self photos weren’t just of me hiding behind my camera as I took a picture. I like my shoeys better than my selfies, lol.

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