Zero to Hero Day 5


I find it easier to navigate blogs with basic layouts. I have visited blogs where I was completely incapable of locating the primary content. I have also visited blogs with beautiful cursive text that I was unable to read. I am shockingly stupid sometimes and so I do try to make sure my blogs are both welcoming and accessible. I have received some complaints about not having an archive section but the reason for that is because I want to edit and prepare my earlier works before mass public viewing haha.


Though my blog is primarily text-based I favor themes that allow me to showcase accompanying artwork. I am often asked where I find such beautiful images and the most obvious answer is through relentless searching. Lately I’ve been searching specifically for surreal art. I spend an inordinate amount of time perusing free wallpapers and coming up with one word adjectives to describe my poems. If you ask Sam my searches are entirely nonsensical and ineffective but when it comes to artwork they’ve yielded some stellar results. My goal is to include more personal photography that way I don’t have to agonize over which pictures are okay to display and which ones are not intended for public use. I am not much of a photographer so it may never come to pass that all artwork displayed is mine.


Another requirement for Mindlovemisery is that I am able to clearly display the prompt post. Though I don’t want people to forgo my poetry entirely, the prompt needs to be easy to locate.


Excluding the theme being free of cost and attractive I also require a summary view. I don’t like the idea of someone being forced to scroll for hours to locate a poem of interest. I just feel it complicates navigation and makes it less likely for someone to read anything other than the very first post.


That might have been more exciting if I hadn’t already poured through the themes a million times lamenting that all the best ones have dollar signs attached.

I'm a Zero to Hero Blogger!


10 responses

  1. Sounds like your theme search was about as painful as mine. 😀 Sorry, I didn’t email you. I got home late and was expecting company for dinner. As soon as I got home I had to get ready preparing dinner for four. Very nice post! 😀

    • I love themes but every time I get really excited over one it has a price tag haha There are only a few free ones that meet my requirements and I like to change up the appearance every now and again. No worries I gave you my email encase you ever wanted to email me about anything there is no requirement that you do so

  2. I love how your blog looks, even more because I can just see the pics at the front page and they can entice further.
    I know what you mean about themes. Sometimes, I find a blog I want to check out, but the person only has a static About me page and the only way to locate their stuff is by trying to catch it in the “Previous posts” display on the side (if they even have one)

  3. Surreal art is my favorite and you are a genius at finding the best types of this art form! Coupled with your descriptive flair for the right words and tone, I am surprised WP hasn’t found you for FP post yet. But never fear, fully 1/4 of the blogs I follow have been FP since I started following them. I am the FP raindancer… LOL

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