Zero to Hero Day 2

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What’s in a name?

The word curious implies both a desire to “know” and “strangeness”. I am the type of person who appreciates the absurd, whose sense of magic is increased with the acquisition of facts. I favor those subjects which are open and vulnerable to interpretation. Those subjects which lend themselves to questing and personal exploration. I believe that beauty lies in the distinctions and imperfections, those qualities which elevate and sometimes exclude. I like or perhaps I relate better to individuals who are both peculiar and forthright. Anyone who knows me, knows that I can be incredibly dense in social situations. I am not able to decipher the “game” much less participate in it and it is because of this that I attract more genuine people both on and offline.


One of my loftier dreams is to be the proprietress of a philosophical community. A garden if you will where minds and hearts come together to discuss life, meaning, values, love, dreams, ideologies etc. A place of nonjudgment where people visit for a friendly debate, a conversation, or simply to bend the ear of an attentive listener. When I was a child I used to visit my neighbors (most of whom were elderly and previously unknown) and listen to them talk for hours about their lives. As a child I was welcomed easily into people’s homes. As an adult I imagine I would be received a little differently, perhaps a little more fearfully. As a teenager I devoured the secrets and fantasies of friends. When possible I even brought those fantasies to life.

If anything I have always been overly cautious, without expressed consent, I keep everything to myself. Once given I will not share a secret. As an adult these secrets come from strangers and from online friends and acquaintances. Through role-playing I have discovered some particularly interesting aspects of human nature. Flowers is just a reference to the individuals in my “community”.

“Portrait of a Shrinking Violet”

As this blog functions as my personal journal it provides an intimate look into the psyche of a recluse. Aside from incidental encounters with strangers and interactions within my own family I do not have much in the way of an actual social life. Even my virtual social life is low key. Most of my interactions take place on Mindlovemisery in the comments section. No need for sympathy, at the moment this arrangement suits me. Could be that I am experiencing some type of existential crisis but whatever the case I am content with the writing itself.

I'm a Zero to Hero Blogger!


10 responses

  1. I love and always will admire your strenght and will to simply share who you are, despite all odds and evens or whatever,
    Only one thing tho, I don’t know is it because I had a terrible sleep, but the text was a bit hard to read because of the theme colors, not the colors per se, but these pinky texture marks. I had to highlight everything in order not to stick my eyes into the screen :/

    • Sam did the background for mindlovemisery he smoothed out all the seams and sharp colors whatnot but I wanted to try here. Unfortunately I just can’t remember everything he showed me so I am still working on it. I hadn’t expected to write anything until I was finished the background but I saw the challenge and went for it. I need to fix it because I have trouble myself and I know what it says!

  2. You should have lived in another centrury my friend….or perhaps you were meant to be here to create a philosophical community. You know you can do that with a community blog where you post an issue and allow bloggers to interact. I would love to see you try that.

    • A lot of people tell me that I look like I am from the 1800s sometimes people even touch me as if they are testing my realness because they always seem surprised when I am solid lol That is a fabulous idea and I may do that but I have to find the time. Hubbie and I are looking to buy a house right now so I am extra busy

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