Zero to Hero Day 1


I like to keep my primary blog centered around my creative endeavors so I decided to do the Zero to Hero challenge here at my secondary site. That is the first reason, the second reason is that the readers of Mindlovemisery likely have a good idea of who I am through my work and our ongoing correspondence. For me there is no greater challenge than the summation of my essence in a few hastily contrived paragraphs. I could list my characteristics (which I will do) but the adjectives are endless and oft times contradictory. I have my ideal version of self, my villainized version of self, and the more meat and potatoes version of self which tends itself toward caricature. I am easily discouraged and overwhelmed, impatient, obstinate, insecure, sarcastic even when sincere and perhaps especially then (something in my voice quality), naive, grumpy, directionally impaired, spacey, reserved, impulsive, inappropriate, eccentric, friendly but aloof, abstract, creative, open, introspective, easily distracted, awkward, clumsy, open-minded, philosophical, moody, silly, superstitious, innocent and yet rather perverted simultaneously, forgetful, shy, melancholic, contradictory, intense, obsessive, unique etc.

The most common compliments I receive are on my

Writing (particularly imagery)







Natural fangs


Porcelain skin





Willingness to do the jobs no one else will do

The way I walk in high heels (it is absolutely barbaric but undeniably hilarious)

Willingness to participate in random acts of song and dance

Sense of humor


Most common criticisms

Bad memory

Poor attention span

Lack of coordination

Selfishness (I take time for myself if I need it and I say no when I am unable and/or unwilling to perform a task one of my most envied and hated characteristics!)

Poor social skills

Poor spatial skills


Poor math skills


Tendency to exaggerate when I am really upset

Lack of motivation

Frequent illness

Insensitivity (I am not so much insensitive as my poor social skills sometimes make me seem staccato)

Oversized clothing


A very abridged list of likes

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Planescape Torment
  • Medical documentaries
  • Biographies
  • American Horror Story
  • Paranormal mysteries (I get scared easily though)
  • Music (grunge, 90s, oldies, alternative, rock, punk, industrial, indie, folk rock etc.)
  • Japanese food
  • Black and white photography
  • Blogging
  • Role-playing
  • Sylvia Plath, Jim Carroll, Arthur Rimbaud (inspiration)
  • Cult Films
  • Martial Art Films
  • Philosophy
  • Anime
  • Exercise
  • Ballet and gymnastics (watching)
  • Ted Talks
  • Walking/hiking
  • Museums and movies

I have not listed my favorite books and all my favorite authors but I do have a Goodreads page if you are interested.

What do I blog about?

  • Social Anxiety
  • Epilepsy
  • Philosophy
  • Depression/Mental Illness
  • Poetry
  • Psychology and therapy
  • Life
  • Love
  • Trauma
  • Nature
  • Photography (at least I hope to post some photos!)
  • Fitness
  • Dreams
  • Inspiration

Why I blog?

  • Organization (the blog provides a structure that I am simply unable to emulate/maintain with a diary written or electronic)
  • Discipline (knowing that I will publish motivates me to finish my work, having a blog also motivates me to write every day)
  • To meet people with common interests
  • It’s cathartic
  • To bring awareness to certain issues such as child abuse
  • Self-awareness and human psychology
  • To improve my social skills
  • To promote talented individuals which I do primarily by hosting a prompt and with Twitter

What I hope to accomplish with my blog?

This answer can be deduced in part from the above section. But seriously my blog is the first step toward world domination. I hope that it will inspire others (hasten the tedious process of acquiring minions) and provide a haven for other misfits.


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