November 25 2013


Another day and I am still in pain. When I first woke there seemed absolutely no change from yesterday but during my morning yoga I noticed I could tilt my pelvis again! Not much but a significant improvement from the Sims elder positioning it had assumed. I can also lay on my back and lift my hips slightly higher than before. In light of my new mobility I did a 30 minute low impact workout. Very simple exercises executed in a very slow and controlled manner. The session was successful and easier weirdly than walking Isadora to school this morning. I found walking challenging because of the spasms and the uneven terrain. I am hoping desperately that I will be able to workout more normally tomorrow. My knee is still killing me, last night I woke up screaming. I simply cannot have my leg in a bent position. The problem is I tend toward a fetal position when sleeping hence the screaming as I tried painstakingly to straiten out a locked joint. I have always had problems with that knee and I did go to the doctor about it once in high school but they said there was nothing wrong so I’ve more or less ignored the offensive joint ever since. When it hurts too much I go low impact with my exercises and once in a while I take painkillers. Maybe its a psychosomatic pain? During pregnancy the pain was so extreme I vomited and passed out from it, it’s a very intense persistent sort of psychosomatic pain.


In light of my injuries I am not able to do as much as I would like so I decided to try this challenge I found at Annell’s Blog. I thought the list was especially challenging!


Use at least 3 of the following words


Remora (had to look this one up)



Selfie (I just couldn’t)



I let diamonds dissolve

Underneath my tongue

A chilling dirge


In feverish clicks

A remora,

These electronic poems,

Find and feed

Upon countless hosts

Does my ego eclipse

My muse?

Vacuous or ideographic

Do my words

Fold conscientiously

Like an origami casket?

Or do they extend

Into the dreams

Of those with whom

They resonate?

Am I the same wretch

That bereft of heart

Hollowed out page

After page

Of fanatical self portrait

Or does my art source now

From a deeper well?


5 responses

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  2. This doesn’t sound psychosomatic. Does it hurt when you first move it, then improve? That suggests inflammatory pain. Is it warm or painful to touch? Again, inflammatory. But it could also be referred pain coming from your back. If you have chronic pain I strongly suggest a rheumatology consult.

    • I am happy to say my back is feeling better I think I may have had a bad subluxation and some muscle strain. My knee did start to feel better but it is starting to act up again. To tell you the truth I think I have slight edema around my knee because it is a bit puffy, it is not red but it doesn’t enjoy probing.

      • If you have had this condition for 4 weeks then I suggest an assessment of your knee. I assume you have tried ice, rest and anti-inflammatory meds (if you can take them). If these have failed you may need more intensive evaluation.

      • I have tried the stuff I can do at home but I haven’t been to the doctor unless my knee is black or something I won’t get through the front door. Very very hard to get medical care and be taken seriously here.

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