November 24 2013


After a full 8 hours of semi sleep my back does feel better. Not out for a run better but I have greater mobility. I did yoga this morning and I was able to get a pop, I don’t feel that it has been completely reset by any means but it’s a start. All is not on course as I have developed a secondary injury. Because of the location of my subluxation (which it turns I did have) my nerves are being impinged. I am having intense muscle spasms in my left leg, so intense that I’ve now pulled most of the muscles in said leg (my leg is getting a workout without any assistance on my part). I am also having tremendous wrenching knee pain as well and of course bad knee means my hip is also off. So my leg is currently causing me more distress than my back. My knee/leg only ever hurt this bad when I first got pregnant (it was the initial symptom) so Sam is teasing me. I am on birth control which I never ever miss! I really don’t think pregnancy is possible, the first was a miracle (a planned miracle but still a shot in the dark). So don’t start congratulating me.


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