November 23 2013

I am currently engaged in an intense 30 day fitness challenge. I imagine if I ate less my results would be phenomenal. Alas my diet has been pretty terrible lately as the lack of sleep has led to a dramatic decrease in cooking and dramatic increase in energy snacking. Visually I have seen some results and physically my stamina and strength have improved. I like to exercise in the mornings because by the evening the lack of sleep culminates and my coordination takes a critical and disabling dive. The workout started out fantastic, that was before I tried to forcibly extract my spinal column. At first I thought I’d thrown out my lower back because this morning when I did yoga it didn’t pop into place like usual. My nerves are on fire the problem seems concentrated in the plexus so it feels a bit like I’ve gone supernova. I had to stop. I tried to do stretches which turned out to be a bad idea, I only barely managed to get off my back. When Sam woke up and investigated he determined it was muscular. I have had sore muscles before this doesn’t feel at all the same but then again maybe I’ve never pulled a muscle to this degree.


I tried taking a nap, it was horrible getting into bed but after a while I did relax. On getting out of bed I realized the problem had not resolved in the slightest. Sam tried giving me a massage which was absolutely excruciating. During the massage I started laughing and sobbing uncontrollably. I don’t know if it was shock of so much pain or if it was some sort of tension release but I was absolutely hysterical. I am still in a lot of pain. Sitting down is iffy, standing is NOT okay, laying down depends on the position. I can’t tolerate being on my back and I can’t even approach my stomach. I hate missing a day of exercise, it absolutely kills me. I wonder if I will be fit for swim class tomorrow? I have one of those fantastic bodies that loses muscle tone at a horrifying rate. I was in the hospital for a week and I lost 5 kg of muscle mass despite finishing all of my meals and bags of additional snacks that Sam brought (I must have been eating 2500 calories). I am a little freaked out because getting my body back after my bought with pneumonia was no easy feat and I really don’t want to start another uphill battle.


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  2. I’m sending healing thoughts and (((((hugs))))) your way.
    Hope the inlaws had a heating pad.
    My new best friend is an electric “spa wrap” (what the box says). A miniature electric blanket that I can wrap around my neck and shoulders or snuggle my face into.
    I think I keep the heating pad industry in business I go through so many in such at such a rapid rate, lol

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