November 15 2013

You bind my breasts

Against your palms

Rebellious, ravenous

My heart surrenders

To you, as if a life line


Weekly therapy sessions proved far too intense. From one session to the next I was wrestling with a state of chronic emergency. Unable to sleep, unable to relax, unable to function I decided to contact my therapist. I have always struggled with change and the shift to a new doctor/facility was more than I could emotionally process. Basically it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I requested to have my appointment rescheduled but was denied. The result? I no longer have a therapist and if I want to try again I have to start the arduous process all over. I am not sure why weekly sessions are imperative much less how others accommodate them given the cost (which though minimal does add up) and the disruption to daily living. Sam has been such an amazing comfort despite all that he has going on physically and mentally. I am very disappointed in myself for not functioning normally enough for weekly appointments and with the system for expecting that I should behave with complete obedience to a process that is completely uniform and inflexible.


8 responses

  1. 😦 I am so sorry….I really hope you can find something that works. I know all the therapies I have been a part of or dealt with has been weekly.
    Don’t give up my friend. It is worth it.

  2. Wow, just like that they cancel the whole thing for you? Are they not there to help you and for you?
    I am keeping my fingers crossed that you find a proper one, the process is terrible, I know I changed at least 5 of them before I gave up, but I am really hoping you will have a different story.

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