November 12 2013


In you I bury

The secrets

Of my pneuma


We were both victims

Of a ruthless gravity

But together I’ve found

The freedom to realize

Those dreams

Which would have

In darkness bleed away



If I am

Compassionate now

It’s only because

You didn’t cringe

At the sight

Of my unplugged spine


Every part of me


In your warmth

Is made whole,

A fire that heals,

I dress myself

In your eyes



I am feeling very mushy and sentimental. Lately I have had emotionally eviscerating nightmares an hour before waking. These nightmares have led me to feel very Depressed during the day. Even though I can disregard the content, I can’t shake the feeling. I told Sam yesterday and this morning he just wrapped me up and held me through that hour. It worked, no nightmares this morning!


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