November 11 2013


Breath sheltered

In the humid trenches

Of a precautionary war

To what complaint

Do I assign my fear

When you are always



Alone I fasten

A demonic visage

To idling clouds

When left to my own


Fear carves

The bleakest scars

Into my heart


Am I beautiful?

In my eyes


Am I priceless?

In my eyes


Is it too late

To become somebody?

When I falter

Will you wait?


I wear paper wings

In the rain sometimes

If I scream

Will the world say

You exist

The sound carries

I know you suffer

But it’ll be okay

Because your home



Or will I be


Far and wide

By rapacious hands?


The picture is of me I am holding up my hair my hair is wet at the moment so it isn’t too poofy but I have long hair and a lot of it so


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