November 7 2013


My bones are empty

Like a flute

Every movement


By a spectral wail

I am either immortal

Or dead

I know not which


Whatever this state

I feel its strangeness

Upon me

My skin is cold and tight

It forbids articulation

Apologies given

In excess and advance

I wear my lip raw

With worry

8 responses

    • Hubby as you know he is depressed but right now he is struggling with work it is not stimulating enough the other people are unmotivated and unenthusiastic and he’s pulling the weight of the entire team alone. He is disillusioned by the lack of drive and momentum. He is not looking to get a promotion or anything it is more like he needs kind of the constant level of challenge and stimulation. He is a curious guy, loves learning, pushes himself. He does not want to just get by, he wants to do a good job not for monetary reasons but he has pride in his work. Things that would take others weeks he can pump out with improvements and added features in 1/2 hour no one can keep the pace. So he gets restless. I am worried he might spontaneously quit and not first procure another job or at least have a business idea lined up.

  1. Such weight upon these words.
    This “I am either immortal

    Or dead” – so true, it associates me with a forced choice instead of being let to exist pure as we are.
    I hope your husbands work enviroment improves, we have been in a similar situation where my husband was not hired because he was “not slacky enough”, he actually wanted to work. it is so annoying and frustrating to hear when somebody is in a situation like this.

    • I honestly can’t believe this situation exists. When I had a job my boss and colleges were completely perplexed that I was working and not chilling out. Of course I was working I was at work it is frustrating I mean a laid back environment is awesome but getting paid to do nothing seems unnatural and meaningless

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