October 31 2013



I know naught for which sin

The clock imposes revenge

Only that with each sterile beat

It draws, closer, my departure


Now that my flesh

Has assumed caricature

I have come to know

How infinite and precious

Life is

For I cannot imagine

A moment before my birth

Anymore than I can imagine



The ego claims athanasia

For it cannot conceive

A more sovereign existence

And indeed how can ā€œIā€

Claim to be anything

But alive?


I am so exhausted, forgive my mad ramblings lol


15 responses

    • Thanks so much Anja! I dreamed that their were two worlds. One world was focused on hard work, simple clean living, organization, personal responsibility, and philosophical morality, the other was liberal , wild, and anarchistic. A woman from the entropic world was recruiting teenagers from the more austere (?) world in order to start a rebellion. The more conservative world knew nothing whatsoever about its counter balance. The dream tracked a teenage boy. In the beginning he loved the freedom and the indulgences of the Anarchistic world but he found quickly that the people were irresponsible and dishonest. He fell in love with a girl but his best friend seduced her and he could not understand that kind of mentality where friends betrayed each other. When he attempted to return home he was constantly blocked and he realized that despite their seemingly open-minded views the people were no more free than he had been before. In the end he realized he preferred the old world because he could work hard and become something and in the anarchistic world no body took care of anything so everything was falling to ruin. Also in his old world people valued honesty and even though life was still unfair he preferred it to be strait-forward to scheming.

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