October 11 2013


I slide into

A suit of evasive scales.

Eyes a muddied estuary

Muffled I reproach

All alien resonance

I desire neither

The intimacy of

An arresting tongue

Nor the patient ear of

An eclectic audience


My scent hides


An avaricious collar

Bare feet uncertain


Treacherous leaves

The sun slips scandalous

From discretionary clouds

But she does not

Incite me to rivalry

I wish only

To adore her

From afar


Some days

I am possessive

In my melancholy

I carry it gingerly

Between my teeth

Like a mewling infant

Snarling lips peeled back

In a impish grin


Heart an Avariel

Miles above

My heavy head

I wonder

To what muse

She alone inspires?


My soul falls free

Of metallic skin


I cannot grasp

The straying ends

Of my misbelief


I am very spacy and disconnected today. Avariel is a winged elf


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